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ZAZA FOTD.. Skulls, Haters and a bit of a rant!

Hey ladies.. Its been a crazy week and well I would love to be posting more and I intend to over the weekend. I have to say after issues earlier this week with a few hater comments on formspring.. I was just sooo NOT interested in posting. I mean I do this because I love it.. i love sharing because I love seeing what you girls share. I feel there are very few people who truly know me and there is NO one who has the right to judge me or any of my actions. I mean we have the right to be who we want to be, so quite simply if you dislike me or don't want to listen to what I have to say PLEASE go elsewhere! I find it really funny that you FOLLOW me on twitter and your a hater.. I don't see the sense in that. Anyways rant over..

Monday night I met up with a friend I haven't seen in a few years, we went for dinner in Canary Wharf, it was lovely. I tried to get a pick of the outfit but no one was around to take one! I wore a tassled long vest that I shopped in New york. Its sort of tie die so goes from light to dark grey. I decided to match my eyes..[as u do :P]


MAC e/s Filament
MAC e/s Electra
MAC e/s Contrast
Shu Uemura Gel liner
MAC plush lash mascara

MAC Studio fix foundation
MAC Prep+Prime Translucent powder
MAC Cremeblush Posey
MAC Blush 'Enough Said' [Used as a highlighter]

MAC Half 'N' Half
MAC Pink Plaid
MAC Magenta lipliner


I love these TopShop shoes.. My fiance bought them for me ages ago I forgot i had them.. They are a really manageable height. Great for making a daytime outfit a little more evening!


My cousin bought me this amazing skull necklace for my birthday last year and completley forgot to give it to me lol. It is from her sister in law's shop that I have previously posted on. My gorgeous spider is from the same place. I love this necklace because it looks really lady like when its on and the skulls just give it that edge!


I have been wearing it almost every day since she gave it to me.


When we were in Canary we had ice cream at Zaza's, I loved the bag partly because its got ZAZA'S on it! My friends at uni used to call me ZAZA.. because they thought I was loopy like lady gaga :P haha.. ahh GOOD ol DAYS!


Anyways my lovelys.. how have you all been? I will be posting a lot more reviews come the weekend.. This week has been so draining! so much is always going on!

Lots of Love



  1. Babe allow the haters, they obviously have nothing better to do! I love reading your blog! The necklace is very pretty and I love your lip colour.

  2. aww dont worry about these insignificant people zara! They do this coz they're insecure. You look lovely as always hun. Am gona get electra now coz it looks fab on you ♥

  3. I love your heels! where are they from!!

    xxx suzanna

  4. haters! don;t we all have them! don't let them get to you as that is their mission! they are lifeless! anyway you look absolutely gorgeous love the look and the shoes as well. love everything about your blog!

  5. Ignore the haters - they're just jealous!! I love love love those shoes! xo

  6. Love Love the Outift! as always, you should'nt waste your time on the haters, they don't deserve it! You look lovely as always :) xx

  7. Ergh try and forget about the haters hun. Love your top in that first picture xx

  8. Don't absorb any of the comments that hater's make. There obv just bitter! Keep rocking and don't let them get to you coz ur fab! ^_*

    Girl we should go shopping, I can tell that we have very similar style! =)


  9. Ignore the haters, they are just a bunch of divs xx Ps I am still looking for my size in those MandS jeans I so want to find them!

  10. stunning missy your super pretty & never worry about those silly haters we all love ya xoxo

  11. Thank you ladies! You guys are the reason I would never stop this blog.. thank you so much for the support :)
    For those who wanted to know the shoes were from Topshop last year sometime!
    Much love to you all xxx

  12. ur hair is absolutely gorgeous btw!!! ignore the haters they are just jealous!!! xoxo

  13. That necklace is beautiful! where did he get it?
    I gave you an award on my blog, please check it out :D


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