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YSL Rouge Volupté No.27


YSL have brought some gorgeous colours for spring/summer I totally fell in love with the new rouge voluptés. I decided to allow myself one haha.. I have been spending a little too much on makeup which is not cool.. I am trying to be less wasteful and more resourceful BUT when I saw this colour we fell in love and well the rest is history.


Number 27 is an AMAZING coral, semi neon. As the sun has decided to come out and play for the last few days, I figured its an excuse to hide away the browns and bring back the colour. This colour reminds me of MAC's 'Impassioned', a coral fuscia. I am so bad at describing colours but thats what it reminds me of. I love the texture of the YSLs, so smooth so creamy enough to shine wihtout being heavily glossy. The Rouge Voluptés also have an SPF factor of 15, although it hardly gets that sunny in London it's always great to be protected from the sun.


For those who don't own a RV, I urge you to purchase one even if its only 1! They smell/taste gorgeous almost like watermelon. The packaging is so swish, so classy and reflects everything that YSL is about. You have to love the finishing touches on the lipstick case, with the mirror on top. Perfect! At £21 they are a little pricey in comparisson to other brands, but every once in a while as a nice treat, why not!


I purchased this in Harrods and I have to say shopping in the beauty/perfume area was awful, honestly I had about 6 women try to spray me with random perfumes. One woman almost put a cream on my face.. It was horrendous, almost impossible to look around without being pounced on. The lady at YSL happened to be so lovely.. it was a lot calmer there so I was free to have a look, but can't see myself rushing back there I'm too used to being left alone in Selfridges.

I apologise for the pics, they don't portray the real colour. I will probably wear this tomorrow so will upload additional photos when its on! Have any of you bought any of the new colours? My cousin bought no.29 a beautiful pink! What are your thoughts on Rouge Voluptés? What are your favourites? Do you guys ever get annoyed when shopping for cosmetics when people constantly ask you if you need help?



  1. I love Rouge Volupte's, they are fast becoming my favourite lipsticks!!

    I got number 17 yesterday and posted about it, its a gorgeous red! I have this one too and love it :)

  2. Love the Rouge Voluptes! This one is probably a bit too bright for me though xx

  3. I can't wait to see it on a FOTD/FOTN. I love coral lipies but it's hard to find pretty coral!

  4. I would love to see how this looks on you hun :)


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