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Supermarket beauty isles - Maybelline 'Falsies'


I don't know why I feel the need to FIND something to purchase when I'm in the cosmetic isles of the supermarkets. It just doesn't feel right leaving with nothing! So yesterday when I was in good ol Sainsburys, I saw the new Maybelline 'falsies' Volume express mascaras. I never believe the ridiculous adverts of some of these cosmetics companys and if you've seen this one you know what I'm talking about.. but OH WELL.. its all about trying them out to see what best suits you. I have tried LOADS of mascaras but in the last year I always seem to revert back to Max factor false lash effect, with that being said I am still always on the look out for something new.


This one retails at £7.99 but was on promotion for £5.99.

I like the curved brush of this mascara..Just really allows you to get in there for maximum lift. The end of the mascara wand is slightly flexi again allowing you to really get in there to extend and curl the lashes.


Overall I am not sure about this mascara! It seems to lengthen and space out my lashes more than anything else. My lashes are naturally long so I prefer a mascara to volumise and although this mascara is meant to be volumising i've used others that do a better job. I feel as if my lashes look a bit spikey and spidery.. Hmm Not convinced!

This is the mascara with one coat.

[Please excuse the tired eye close ups that follow eeek!]


And two coats.. its getting there..



For a lengthening mascara I think this would be fab, but volumising? I'm not so sure.. Have any of you guys tried this mascara? Or thinking of trying it? Think I will just pass this on to one of my auntys, let them see if it works for them.. I will give it another go this weekend and let you know if my thoughts change!

I do feel slightly let down by this mascara although my hopes weren't too high in the first place!

What are your current faves in the mascara department?!

Lots of Love



  1. wow it does make ur lashes look SUPER long and gives some volume too :) Not bad at all I guess! You have to try Maybelling Pulse Perfection if you havent yet

  2. You have great natural length.. but to me this mascara was a major fail. It dried up so fast in the tube and was sooo blah on my short lashes :/ xxx

  3. @ Get Gawjus I will have to try the pulse perfection one.. I dont know mascaras are just so arghh! Wish there was a perfect ONE!

    @ Tali I have a feeling its going to dry up really quickly! They all do :(.. i do feel a bit blahhh about it! lol u have lovely lashes silly xx

  4. yay I bought this in Sainsburys too yesterday it was too good an offer not to thou I havnt tried it yet Im being sensible & waiting for my current Mac mascara to run out haha your lashes look fab huni xoxo

  5. i don't like spidery looking lashes either, more volume and fullness are what i look for.
    have you tried the colossal mascara? i really like it for the volume it gives..(can be a little clumpy sometimes though)

  6. My favourite maascara is Max factor's false lash effect but I'm loving Maybelline's Colossal at the moment. Thanks for this review, I was curious to see what it was like x


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