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On Saturday night it was one of my close friends birthdays. There's 4 of us in total who have stayed good friends since school days and although we are all quite busy these days its so much fun when we get together. My friend Mel called me up at around 5 to go round and do make up duty! lol.. This is what my friends put me through can you imagine me trying to grab minimal makeup, brushes etc. I literally had 10 minutes to do the birthday girl priya and mel's makeup. I can't believe I don't have one pic of the birthday girl..she was so busy having a great time I couldn't even snap a pic!


I went for an Indigo smokey eye.. Using MAC's 'Graphology' and MAC's 'Contrast'. For my blush I used NARS 'Torrid' and MAC 'Enough Said'. I highlighted with MAC's MSF in 'Champagne'. On my lips I used MAC'S 'Blankety' Mixed with 'Magenta' lip liner.


We went to a really cool bar 'CALLOOH CALLAY" in Shoreditch, just on Rivington street. The decor was so amazing, really retro. This is me outside the toilets.. I love the WALLS how fab.. SO old school!


I wore Topshop Jeggings, Miss selfridge vest, Alexander McQueen scarf, Oasis leather jacket, Laced up heels from a boutique in Greenwich and my crystal spider necklace.


This is me and my girl Zaz have no idea what we were looking at/talking about.. lol I love a natural pic!


Me and my gorgeous Mel.. She usually goes for a dark lip and minimal eyes, we decided to switch it up a little. Smoked out her eyes just a bit, enough to make them pop! She has the most amazing green eyes!! Such a beaut..


Me and Zaz through the walls! Loving mirrored walls!


Someone ordered this for the birthday girl.. Check out that fish bowl, how quirky.. A lot of drunken ladys were the result of this.. Times like this I'm happy I don't drink :P haha..

How was everyones weekend..!? What did everyone get upto? What makeup did you dolls rock?



  1. Looks like fun!Check out that cocktail!!
    Lol at the 'natural.. were pretnding to talk' pic hehehe xxx

  2. Lol.. it was fun..! Shame I was driving haha.. Lol I know its so obvious we were posing lol x

  3. Oh wow I love the walls! :) You look really lovely here, the purple on your eyes is stunning! xo

  4. you gurls look stunning! love your makeup :)

  5. @ Emma thank u hun.. the walls were amazing I couldnt get enough of themm lol!

    @ Shifa thank u hunnie :)) x

  6. Gorgeous girlie, loving the outfit and the makeup is beautiful xxxxx

  7. I don't think you can actually get any more beautiful! the outfit is LUSH too, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.
    Your friend Mel is beautiful too

  8. Looks like you had a good time! You looked absolutely gorgeous! and OMG Mels eyes!! Tommy and I couldnt stop staring at them! :p

  9. thank you girls.. really its a good camera :p nikki your comment made me laugh.. I will tell mel! bless her.. they are like cats eyes :) lol xx

  10. Your makeup is! It looks so good! You shoudl make youtube videos doll!

    Take care,


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