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The perfect black eyeliner!

Aren't we all after that perfect black eyeliner..[well at one time or another!] I have been a loyal MAC folower when it comes to eyeliner.


I started using boot black when I was around 14 and it was my holy Grail for many years.


I then got to about 18 and discovered MAC liquidlast..and wow. So black and so long lasting it almost doesn't want to leave. In these days I used to be out clubbing every night til about 5/6 in the morning! I loved that in the early hours of the morning my eyeliner looked perfect, untouched and as if I had just applied it. The only way to remove this eyeliner is with an oil based eye makeup remover.


(Please NOTE! this is an old eyeliner I don't use it hence why its so gloopy, Its in my B2M box!)

I got to about 20 and wanted to see what the fuss was all about gel/fluid eyeliners. At first the whole idea of applying this eyeliner with a brush etc was a little daunting. However i'm up for anything so that's when I discovered MAC blacktrack fluidline, at first it was love we worked so well together and I still use this daily. However I have a few negatives about this product, it dries out VERY quickly mine looks more like a powder than the gel eyeliner that it once looked like! For me I have to go over it a fair few times to get the intensity of the other two MAC eyeliner. I don't think it's very long lasting and that is pretty essential for me! I hate carrying lots of makeup with me and I don't want to be redoing my face throughout the day.


(Again this is an old one, which is quite dried out! oh well tgf b2m!)

Oh I forgot to mention the penultimate eyeliner that MAC released omg what a let down, this was in a felt pen form I had high hopes and when I tried it I wish I hadn't wasted my money. Weak pigmentation, hardly any colour stay and although you may think that the felt pen would make life easier your wrong it's flimsy and you end up drawing all over the place!

Bye bye MAC hello SHU

My new found love after years of loyalty to MAC eyeliners I have finally broke away..I have found something that combines something from all of my MAC favourites. It is the shu uemura gel liner! Wow so intense, so smooth it just glides on and it lasts all day without having any difficulty in getting it off. I have been wearing this every day for the last few weeks I have been testing it at work and I am seriously impressed. It's £19.50 which I believe is a little more than the MAC one but it's most def worth it. So a purchase was needed!


The perfect brush

For gel/cake liners the brush is also very important for while I have been using the 209 but more recently I have switched up with my laura mercier fine liner brush. They are both similar in shape I just find the LM brush a lot easier to use, as it is a very fine brush. I will post pics of these two in a little while..!

I have to wear eyeliner with or without shadow I feel as if it really opens the eye and completes the look. What do you guys use for eyeliner? What are your faves?



  1. Thanks for this post, it's been really useful as I have been looking for a new liquid liner! xx

  2. Blacktrack is my love of life :)

  3. @ India.. glad I could be of some help :).. u should give the SHU a go xx

    @ Dreams.. You MUST try the shu gel liner, Blacktrack was my number1 til i discovered the shu!!

  4. Thanks for this post! Although that Shu eyeliner is pretty expensive, but I guess it will last a long time. I like using Blacktrack with Sonia Kashuk's bent eyeliner brush, but usually when I'm in a rush I just put on a pencil liner like MAC Feline kohl. xx

  5. @ Princesa.. Yeh I know its a little more pricey than the mac but if u feel the consistency of it, its amazing so smooth.. It is really worth it.. A little goes a long way! xx

  6. I love MACs fluid line, but I dont wear eyeliner everyday! As in todays FOTD that I just posted :p On a cheaper scale, Barry M liners have amazing staying power, well the Intense eyeliner pen anyway :p

    Great post as always!

  7. Ive tried many eyeliners, but always come back to Bourjois liner( the pen tip one).Dats the blackest ive ever tried.Another HG for me is Lakme eyeliner.


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