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I am such a shower girl, I love love love showers. I wish I would love baths as much as I did showers, well lately I have developed a love for baths again. There are two amazing bath products that I have been using that have helped me rediscover my love for having a nice soak in the tub.

Lately I have been soo tired and achey, I really think that I am coming down with something. A few weeks ago at work I had training with a woman from the brand Aromatherapy Associates. These training workshops are amazing, you really get to know a lot behind the brand, the products and the ways in which they work. I found the training so helpful and insightful that I was instantly drawn to the products in the brand. She gave me a few samples to take away and after using them I had to buy one. Wow.. this is the De-stress muscle, bath and shower oil. What I love most about these oils is that they can be used both in the bath and in the shower, which is perfect for someone like me who finds themselves showering more so.


In order to gain the most from the oils

For Bath : Empty a cap full in to a hot bath, water already run.

For Shower : Apply oil to the body and areas that feel tired/lethargic.

There are many different oils in this collection that target different aspects of relaxation. This one is more specific to muscular de stress which is good for me as I suffer from arthritis in my wrists and elbows. This oil has really helped me unwind. The key essential oils in this one are Lavender, Rosemary and Ginger. It does smell very strong and really sends you in to your own world. In the bath I can really drift away and let the oils do their job! I thought in the shower it wouldn't work as well, because obviously you're standing. I was wrong. It was just as effective. It really is hard trying to explaining how these oils work, all I know is that they do.

The De-Stress range is specially created for an overworked body and mind constantly dealing with everyday stresses and strains.


Power of Aromatherapy

- Natural healing powers

- Rich in antioxidants and plant oils, encourages and maintains healthy, radiant skin.

- Aromatherapy works on physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Physical Benefits

- Works on the cells of the body to ease muscular aches, pains and improve circulation.

- Penetrate deep into the skin encouraging cell renewal.

- Help with problems like acne, eczema and ageing skin.

Emotional Benefits

- Our sense of smell is linked to the areas of the brain controlling instinct, memory and emotion.

- Essential oils can transform our moods and move us from one state of mind to another.

Last week I had strained my neck and I massaged this oil into my neck and it really did ease the pain. I love these oils and seems everyone is enjoying my AA oils too, look how much is left! I will definetley be purchasing more from this range. Aromatherapy Associates is used in a lot of spas, I went to one in February and all the oils they used were from them and trust me they really do help you just shut down and enjoy deep relaxation. It says that the oils should last approx for 20 baths, at £35 I wouldn't use all the time.. just when I feel I need some extra TLC.

Have any of you tried Aromatherapy Associates? What do you think of them? Do you guys use any other aromatherapy brands? Any recommendations.

The other bath product I've been using is totally opposite to the deep relaxation of Aromatherapy Associates. It's the Laura Mercier honey bath in creme d' pistache.

I don't know how many of you have smelt the Laura Mercier body and bath range, even if all you do is smell.. I URGEEEEEEEEE you to just have a whiff. Oh M G.. mmmm! Initially I was in love with the creme brulee range. It's sooo sweet and perfect for really treating yourself. Every-time I smell any of these products I actually want to eat myself. The products are oh so sickly sweet but in the most amazing way possible, I'm actually drooling trying to describe them hahah! I never really liked the pistachio but it has grown on me it is nutty and smells beautiful. The honey bath is perfect for that girly bath complete with a magazine, music and a candle! mmm! It really is such a luxury bath product and I've been uhming and ahhing about it for a while, then I was given one as a present :D. I am loving this so much that I am defo going to be purchasing the body souffle.. [Body cream] I know my girl Tali uses it and I apply this on the daily when I'm at work.. so think it's time to be mine.

What bath isn't complete with a candle. My candle of the moment is Diptyque's Black Baises.


Online description : This sophisticated fragrance of a rose garden ideally balanced by the cool fruitness of blackcurrant leaves is one of the most famous Diptyque lines.

It smells gorgeous, what's nice about it is that it's not too sweet smelling and burns for hours! Approx 60 hours, the best thing about Diptyque candles is that I have never experienced any other candle that disperses the fragrance as much as these! They are fab candles.. Baises and Figuier are my favoruites!

I want to know all your bath/shower favourites!? Please note guys I don't use these on the daily I am quite happy with my Dove shower gels :). These to me are luxury products that come out when I'm having 'one of those days!'



  1. i dont dare smell the laura mercier because it'll cost me a fortune if i do, i avoid it like the plague xxx

  2. you haveto try boots cocoa butter shower gel if you like the smell of caramel-vanilla. and FCUK sugar scrub in boots is amazing too! I would love to try these too :)


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