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I haven't felt much of a connection to the blog lately.. I think it's because of the high volume of hater comments I was getting on formspring. I have since deleted my page which is a shame for those people who actually joined in on the fun..but to be honest to take shit from people who are cowards and feel they can annonomously leave nasty comments isn't why I choose to do this blog. I feel that if you have something unkind to say then please make it a form of constructive criticism that I can take into consideration as opposed to stupid irrelevant comments. I am more than happy with the person I am, the weight I am, the way I look and quite frankly if you don't like it then go elsewhere. It is truly pathetic that you even have the time to send me such bullshit. In a way it's just made me more cautious to how much of myself I give to this virtual world. It has also made me realise that I will probably never do YouTube videos despite people asking me to. I was contemplating ending the blog completley but all the wonderful people I have met through mouldyfruit have made me think otherwise. I am not going to let a handful of people bring me down, it's just now..well for the meantime it's back to basics. There may be less posts from me in the forthcoming weeks and the main focus will be on beauty products. I want to thank those who continue to support, but also thought you guys deserve an explanation for my lack of posts of late.

I hope you guys are all well and want you to know that I continue to read your posts daily.

Zara x


  1. awww baby! You should have seen the comments I got! It would have made you feel better. Im not joking one day I actually woke up to about 150.. about 10 were death threat type messages! Ppl r nuts!!

    I think your hot! :)

    By the way spent all day in bed AGAIN (expept for a coffee with my mum.. went in 1/2 pijamas) and forgot my bros birthday and to meet a friend. What is wrong with me!?!?
    However good news is.. I actually not have a temperature tonight. Will txt u tomorrow for plan making!!


  2. I'm so glad you're still going to be blogging, yours is one of my absolute favourites! and for what its worth i think you're beautiful inside & out ♥


  3. Negativity is a result of jealousy, and heck you're bloody gorgeous! It's people who aren't happy enough with their own lives that act like that. Just don't let them get you down and keep doing what you love! Because a lot of well adjusted, happy people really appreciate it :)

  4. Im sad to hear people are giving you such grief!
    People are quite frankly jealous.
    I have no idea what kind of strange person would sit at a computer just to write mean things to people.
    Honestly, so pathetic!
    Don't let these bitches get you down!
    In real life, they wouldn't dare say anything to you, so they use the internet to speak shit.
    Grrr. You should carry on regardless, because lots of people out there love your blog, and you!!!


  5. I love love love your blog and enjoyed reading your formspring answers too. I understand how it would get to you but try to just ignore it, there are so many people out there who love reading what you have to write and the few who write mean comments are just insecure bitches who have to hide behind a computer and make someone else feel bad just to try and make themselves feel better.

    You're gorgeous hun, forget them xx

  6. negative people and their comments actually make me feel sad for them, not the person being attacked. Can you imagine how sad someone's life is when they anonymously post mean and hateful comments on someone's blog that they don't even know?

    I have gotten negative comments on my blog too. They used to get to me at first, but now I just shrug it off. You can't please everyone in the world and I just try to focus on people who do bring a positive energy and good spirit to my life (and my blog). At the end of the day, "haters" will always exist. Don't let them stop you from doing what you love.

  7. OMG I'm so happy you kept you blog. its one of my favorite. I just love read it
    your so pretty I don't understand why you would get sad from some people who don't even have the guts to say there names, and seriously at the end of the day what other random losers think should not matter to you, because seriously YOU ROCK

  8. I'm so glad you're keeping the blog. peopel suck! nasty anons don't realise how difficult it can be at times for bloggers to put themselves out there. screw them! LOVE your blog, you're an inspiration! xo

  9. There are to many people in this world with too much time on their hands and negativity in their heads.
    Just remember that the amount of people that enjoy your blog and only have positive things to say outweigh the negative people that like to try and spoil something people enjoy.

  10. Id be gutted if you closed your blog..its the newest one ive joined but its by far my fav! xx

  11. awww i love your blog zara and I would hate it if you would quit blogging :( I absolutely loooove your makeup looks and learn so much from them. I cant believe ppl have the time to do this :X anyways you keep doing what you like to hun ♥♥♥
    luv yaa!

  12. Girl ignore those cowards. There are plenty of people that love you and your blog (Including me!) Your fab in every way and don't let them people get you down. The people hating are probably just insecure of themselves and feel the need to take it out on someone innocent. Babe if you ever need a chat you now where I am :) xxx

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  14. Seriously, don't let the haters bring you down. In my line of work I deal with a lot of negative people and you really just need to let the nasty things people say roll off you. I know its hard not to take the hurtful comments to heart but you have to ask yourself is this really worth getting upset over? I don't know if my advice helped at all but I do know one thing, before I logged onto your blog I said to myself, your blog is my absolute favorite! and it really is! I enjoy reading your tips and reviews. I love your face & outfit od's you seem like such a lovely person and it would be a shame to shut your blog down. For all the haters there are lovers and I LOVE your blog!

  15. Anybody leaving you hate comments is obviously jealous! You're gorgeous, and I really enjoy your blog posts!

  16. Aw, don't let the haters get you down. You're beautiful, I love the way you do your make-up and you should definitely keep going with your blog.
    Don't even give those negative comments a second thought.

  17. aww, i'm sorry this is happening. people can be so cruel, as it's easiest to do that anonymously from behind a computer screen. i understand where you're going with not wanting to do the YT videos--I've felt the same way!

    But I do hope that you keep up your blog..your insights and photography are something I look forward to :)

  18. I totally agree and I understand how you feel cause it happened to me too...You are a beautiful woman and the people who do this are just frustrated haters.


  19. It is pretty pathetic some folks even put in the time to write out nasty comments. Glad you are going to stick to blogging. Up yours to the haters! xx

  20. Woaw, im new to the beauty bloggin' world (only 2 weeks) & i had NO idea all this was happening. It all seemed so cute & friendly, everyone loving each other's blogs, leaving amazing comments.
    i should have guessed it was too good to be true, i mean come on, where there are lots of girls, there's got to be some kinda nastyness (unfortunatly).
    i don't know who's beefing you but they must have a very boring life. Keep your head up girl. Glad you kept your blog cause i love it! Keep living a fabulous life & make them more jalous

  21. Brush these ... off your shoulder!


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