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MAC Spring Colour Forecast


I am sure you guys are sick of seeing hauls and reviews from the latest MAC collections. I am not going to review anything at the moment because other than swatching them at the MAC counter I haven't yet used them. I was mainly attracted to the ombre blushes. They are beautiful, such lovely colours that blend in light to dark shades. I am so impressed by the size of these blushes, for those who haven't seen them the size is more comparable to the MSF's than the blushers.


Collection 1

Blush Ombre in Azalea Blossom


A perfect pretty pink that blends into a lilac. My fiance picked this one for me he said he liked the colour lol, but my mum liked it so I gave it to her. I will be using it though ;) when I get my hands on it.

Collection 2

Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach


This is such an amazing colour, perfect for spring. I know how quickly they sold out online and I know Selfridges sold out on Friday. It's a lovely warm coral colour, well that's what it is like on my skin tone. I have seen this on a few posts and its looking great girls!

I will be doing some looks with these in the week, just thought I'd share with you what I got. My fiance also picked me up Collection 3, e/s quad, but all the colours were so similar to those I already have I thought it would be wasteful to keep them! I was good and got him to return it.

What have you ladies been buying from the new collections? Anyone using the ombre blushes? What are your thoughts dolls?



  1. I want both of these! So, so gorgeous xx

  2. Hello love, just to let u know you have a blog award waiting for u, over at mine :)

  3. I love Ripe Peach it looks soooo gorgeous on the skin. I also baught Fresh Salmon which I'm a bit bleh about but I think I'll enjoy it more when summer comes and I'm a bit more bronzed. I got electric fuschia too but am pretty certain I'm going to return it as I'll doubt I'll use it. I have the same debate with myself everytime I go to Mac yes its an amazing colour and yes it'd look brilliant on a night out BUT when will u actually wear it. lol

  4. He he! They are both on my wish-list :)

    Good choices lovely xoxo

  5. I never get bored of seeing stuff like this! I just kick myself for not getting any of the blushers now!

  6. loving the look of ripe peach :D

  7. I managed to get Ripe Peach and I love it! The Azalea Blossom looks equally as gorgeous though and I wish I had picked it up.

  8. I wanted Ripe Peach sooo bad!! They were sold out everywhere and I don't want it terribly bad to call all over the US for it. I did buy Azalea Blossom and returned it but I do love Springshine -everyone seemed to neglect that one.

  9. I love Azalea Blossom! I wish I would've bought a third back up, haha! For me, it's the perfect blusher. Are you ready for give me liberty of London?

    Take care doll!

  10. I tagged you on my blog :-) :) xx

  11. Thanks for your comment darling!
    Yes I do indeedy have twitter..

    If you follow me I'll make sure to follow you back ;D

  12. i really want the blush ombre in peach but it is sold out everywhere around here :( Booo. They both look great though.

    p.s. I really love your blog and would love it if you could check mine out :) it's pretty new!

  13. hi zara, just found your blog..i looooove your look sooo much like kim style it xx


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