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MAC blush - 'Enough Said'



Last week I made some purchases on A friend of mine was telling me about this blush that came out with the 'red she said' collection, the blush was called 'enough said'. I have seen this on Ebay a few times for like £20, I wasn't prepared to pay that much, so when I saw it for £15 on this site I thought why not.


Its a really light golden blush, that has a slight shimmer to it. I like that its barely there, Its great to pair with a bold lip. What's nice about it is that in the summer with a tan I can use it more as a highlighter.


It reminds me of the eye shadow 'Off the Page' which I have mentioned in a few previous posts. I wore 'Enough Said' on my cheeks in the previous purple eyes post. What do u dolls think about more neutral colours on the cheeks? Don't get me wrong I love my blush but every now n then I feel I look a little clown like lol! This colour also reminds me of Nars 'Gilda' and Nars 'Gina'

Blush..How do you girls wear it?!



  1. I'm currently loving glowy/barely there neutral colours on my cheeks..i bought ripe peach from the new collection from mac and its a barely there hint of peach, giving a glow. Loving the colour you bought..that website is great if you can get good deals.

  2. hmm wow looks bland in the pot and I would never give it a second look but looks gorgeous on you in the previous post! I agree with you, colored blushes does make one look a little 'made up'.

    I have been having such days since quite a while and have been relying on Macs Eversun, Illamasqua bronzer and Victoria Jackson peach blush.

  3. Ooh lovely, it looks a tad like Eversun, except Eversun's that wee bit oranger.


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