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It's not makeup.. it's CHARITY!


I put myself on a MAKEUP BAN.. I have seriously been spending too much money on make up over the last month, it seems to be all I do... eeek!!! I tried to calm it down and hey.. GAGA lipstick came out. I couldn't be without.. and technically all the money goes to charity so it doesn't count!


A lot of people have been raving about this GAGA lippy and I don't know to me its just another MAC pink lippy, while I can't compare it exactly to anything in my collection a few come close. I thought I'd swatch a few for you dolls to check out.


Sunday was a beautiful day in London the sun had come out to play.. YAY :).. I went to meet my cousin in Brent Cross for a pancake! I've really been enjoying wearing Shu Uemura eyeshadows they are such intense colours and go on so smoothly. They don't crease much which is fab!


I wore Mac's ladyblush blush creme which I really don't like on me.. I think it just doesn't suit me! No matter how hard I try it just doesn't seem to work!

I am really getting used to the Maybelline falsies mascara, its growing on me.. and will do until I get sucked into the next mascara!


How was your weekend dolls!? Sorry about the lack of posts.. I feel so out of the loop.. everything is so hectic at the mo! Have any of you purchased Viva glam GAGA? What are your views?



  1. You can justify buying the gaga lippie as it goes to charity! I think people are hyping over the fcat the lipstick is by lady gaga, not for the colour. I'm not a bi fa of it at all, those pinks just don't look good on me. x

  2. Yeh I think its a pretty standard pink.. I love my pinks so its another one to the club.. I agree tho not worth the hype!

  3. Haha I see you caved into buying it! It is such a good cause though so you are so justified :P xx

  4. I feel the same whay about it! It just hasnt changed my life!! xx

  5. @ india.. exactly I caved.. for what a lame lipstick but good cause!

    @ Tali.. I know its just so bLAH

  6. that lipstick suits you well!

  7. I really need to follow suit & place a huge makeup ban on my head lol Ive spent sooo much this last few weeks mostly on Mac makeup some of which I havnt even taken out of the packet yet though at least with Gaga the money goes to charity, love the weekend look missy urber pretty as ever hope you enjoyed your pancakes yum :)

  8. bought the gaga lipstick. haven't tried it out though. your lashes looked very long after applying the mascara.

    my weekend was great. how was yours?

  9. I infact really like the look of the gaga lippy! looks great on you hun. and I like peachy blushes on you :D hehe

  10. I think its justifiable as its for a good cause! x

  11. I think the blush looks lovely on you, you look stunning!!! The lady gaga lipstick does nothing for me but i am liking the look of the cindy one which may suit my colouring better x

  12. My Gaga lippie came in the mail last night, I cant wait to try it out! I dont own more than a handfull of lippies but it does seem like its hyped up waaay too much... I like Posey on you better than Ladyblush. But your so gorgeous you can pull pretty much anything off!

  13. i dont know what you are talking about...i think the ladyblush on you looks fine!

  14. I'm getting the Gaga lipstick tomorrow for the same reason LOL. To be honest I don't like Lady Gaga at all. I just love the colour. Does the lipstick stay on long? Because I tried it on my hand and it disappeared within a few minutes x


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