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This week I finally got a haircut! I have honestly been putting it off for ages because I want it to groooww.. I know I know.. by not cutting it regularly slows down the growth! Anyways I went to my girl Claire who has honestly been cutting my hair since I was 15! If you guys have seen my hair history post.. it was our creative minds that caused me to have some of those wild haircuts/colours. Anyhoo.. I went in and sat down and by now I dont even have to tell her what I want she just does it and booooy does she do it well.

My hair feels amazing, so much lighter, the layers have actually made my hair look longer and it feels so healthy. She decided to blowdry it wavy and it looked fab! I have to say this blowdry lasted for 3DAYs!!!


This is ALL my hair.. NO extensions!! I can't believe how long it's getting.. YAY!!

I bought some velcro rollers to try and style it like this myself, she told me what to do but my first attempt to do so was a failure.. SO I will have to give it another go and let you ladies know how it goes! Do any of you dolls style your hair wavy? How do you do it?



  1. Your hair is FABULOUS I am so Jealous (in a good way =))
    and I am too afraid to use Velcro rollers !!!


  2. Your new haircut looks gorgeous! I use velcro rollers sometimes after curling my hair with a curling iron, but I prefer hot rollers :) xx

  3. your hair looks amazing, i am in the process of growing mine back out, and this has reminded me i need to stop putting off getting a trim =)
    Love it xx

  4. The haircut looks great! What lipstick color are you wearing? I like that as well!

  5. I love it! Try these rollers,, you might want to have your dresser put them in, they are pretty hard for the 1st time by yourself. The curls last forever, and it's better than velcr rollers which pull your hair out (:

  6. hey, ur hair is absolutely gorgeous! how long did you wait in between cutting it again? i am "growing" mine it never seems to grow, because afetr a haircut i, back to square one, how much longer shall i leave in between

    plz reply xx

  7. @ Lady danger.. I wish I had the patience for rollers.. espec heated ones! Im too slow!!

    @ xolibob.. have a trim I wish I didnt leave it sooo long! May be even longer by now lol!

    @ Nadia I am wearing MAC's 'Angel' lipstick! An all time fave!! xxx

    @ tennx thank u my lovely.. urs always looks great wish short hair suited me.. growing it is a bitch..

    @ Britene thank u hun I will check thm out I am always on the look out for new products/tools! thanks ;))

    @ Schnella thank u beautiful!

    @ Shez.. Well I was majorly naughty and didnt have my hair cut since last year October.. which was really long.. its because most the time I relied on my extensions! I also stopped using heat tools as much instead left in naturally curly so last week when I got it cut the ends weren't so bad! I think every couple of months helps speed it up! I will be going back in about 2 months time! Also try using intensive treatments like hair masks/ hair oil. They really help improve the condition of your hair.. therefore speeding up the growth! Hope thats helped!

  8. thank u for the reply i am soo going to leave it for 5 months now as well now.. i have tried before but then the front fringe growws out completely which i hate! but after seeing ur gorgeous hair i need to stick to it now


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