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Yesterday me and my beau decided to spend the day at Bicester village, I had heard mixed reviews some people said it was amazing others said it was a waste of time. I think it's all about going and having a little look around. A lot of the stores that I really wanted to see ended up being a let down.. All Saints, Dior, Vivienne Westwood were all a bit blah. Before I go into detail I wanted to show you my eyes, I was wearing a yellow and purple flowery dress. I decided to go for a yellow eye with a bit of orange/copper tones in the crease. I often wear this look in the summer and seeing as the sun was out, I got a little carried away.


I used Mac's Chrome yellow on the lid, above it I used 'Off the page' LE e/s and 'Amber Lights' in the crease. I used my Shu Uemura black liner!

I am going to share my purchases, with you now. First thing I got was from D&G, ever since I have passed my driving test I have wanted a nice keyring for my car key. I am currently using a Tiffany one but the little balls keep unscrewing in my bag! So I found this I love how different it is and for once I like the colour (YES I KNOW ITS NOT PINK!) I am always attracted to the prettier colours when it comes to anything/everything. But hey I really like the burnt orange with the rusty gold. My handbag is slowly getting filled with lots of individual pieces like this.


I then popped into Luella and couldn't resist this flamingo. How quirky! Its a bag charm/key ring or whatever I want it to be.. I think this will look great on my Longchamp bag. Luella had some really lovely dresses.. I was close to getting one but I just wasn't in the mood for buying clothes. Do you ever have days like that? where you're just not in a clothes mood?


Next stop is probably what you girls are waiting for the CCO. Let me start by saying hmm.. I was left in that shop for ages.. my fiance went to about 3 shops in the space of me pottering around the MAC products. I wasn't overly excited by anything, most of their current stock is the Hello Kitty collection, I deliberatley ignored the HK stuff and the Fafi bits as my fiance bought me both of these collections when they came out. I was a bit let down with the products, although there was a lot more than I expected. I ended up buying two blush refils, I picked 'Dame' which I have heard a few reviews on, to be honest I think it is gona look a little pale on my complexion, but I am sure mixed with another colour I may be able to achieve a little sumin sumin.


(Note Full Fuscia is way brighter than it appears to be!)

The other blush I got was 'Full Fuscia' which is by far the brightest fuscia blush I have ever seen. It reminds me of show orchid, but in a blush format. I loved the colour so much I had to have it, there were no testers of these two blushes so I had to just pick those that appealed to me, I will most likely do a full review soon.

I got an eye shadow refil in Ground Brown which is simply a matte dark brown, A lot of my matte browns have a slight khaki hint to them, where as this one is really rich like chocolate pudding!

I also picked up a lip conditioner in Strobeblossom, I love the peachy sheen to this lip conditioner and I love that its in the stick format. Its perfect for days when I'm wearing minimal makeup and need something on my lips. It looks good while it does good. I wish I had bought a few more of these.


I saved the best till last.


I was sooo looking forward to going to the Alexander McQueen store and I have to say it was amazing. I was very close to buying these hot pink patent heels, they had a heart peep toe cut out which was is so McQueen. However they didn't have my size! Even though I don't know my shoe size as my feet keep shrinking! Instead I chose this beautfiul scarf. I don't own a McQueen and when we all heard about the tragic loss I really wanted one, in a few years I am sure they will collectables.



The scarf I chose has skulls on it made out of humming birds, I love how dark yet colourful this scarf is. I also this the smoke around the edges it's fantastic. I am so happy with this scarf, I really like that it's different and not obviously an Alexander McQueen scarf. I have to say they had the most amazing things in the McQueen store, my fiance picked up some HOTT sunglasses.. which I will be borrowing haha :p..


Have any of you dolls been to Bicester? What do you think of it? What have you picked up from there? or Elsewhere lately?



  1. Great haulage..i always hear Bicester is a bit hit and miss but i;'ve never been. I am planning to go in a c ouple of weeks though so will see what they have. CCO of course is my target without a dout :) I love the bright eye look!

  2. Nice haul! I need to pick a day to go there. I'm hearing too much about it to just ignore it lol.
    How much did the blushes cost you?

  3. WOW good day shopping then hun?! Told ya you would like it :) I so need to go back there soon! Adore the scarf and Luella charm :)

  4. Yay I love Bicester, am so looking forward to be going again soon. Love the haul. The CCO is rather strangely set out isn't it? The Mac bit is cramped and squashed in a corner!

  5. My mum got me some DKNY and Guess bags when there was a sale in Bicester and they were really affordable. you haveta go there during the xmas or summer sales and its super cheap :D

    I love the MAC stuff you got hun! Let us know how the pale blush turns out for you

  6. @ Ally thanks hunnie, you should defo give it a go I was pleasantly suprised!

    @ LilButy you should go hun :).. I think they were around £9 I can't rem!

    @ The fashion teller.. thank u gorgeous for ur advice xx

    @ SARAH .. Happy birthday gorgeous!! Have fun and come back with lots.. yeh the MAC is really oddly set out, I couldn't quite get it! Am sure you will find lots of goodies!

    @ Shifa.. Yeh I must go when they have the sales.. I wanted to ask when the best time to go was, totally forgot! I will prob go nearer the summer! I shall do a full review on the new MAC products soon :) xxx

  7. i lllove that eyemakeup.
    you really got some goodies.
    love that d&g.

  8. girl i just awarded you on my blog go check it out =]


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