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Thomas Sabo and a bit of a moan..

I have been buying Thomas Sabo jewelry and charms for years. I think they do such fabulous charms. My fiancé bought me this necklace about a year and half ago. It's black beaded with a charm carrier. The charms I have on it are a little Eiffel tower, a black locket with a heart on the front (with a message from him inside) and a little engagement ring charm. I wear this necklace quite often, but I have NEVER had so many problems with one piece of jewelry EVER!!! It has snapped 4 times!!! It has been sent back, repaired, replaced and now I think it's absolutley ridiculous that it's happened again. It is soooo frustrating because I love this necklace but again more hassle because it's broken YET AGAIN! I really don't think il be buying from Thomas Sabo again, I mean the charms are ok but in terms of necklaces/bracelets I'm not so sure!


However with that being said my mum came home with a new charm for me yesterday! It's a little car to symbolise me passing my driving test! It's soo cute..but has got me wanting a covertable now lol haha..oh well I can dream!



Have any of you had really bad experiences like this? Do you guys like Thomas sabo? What do u think I should do I'm fed up with taking it back!



  1. I love Thomas sabo. I had this black bracelet with this cross charm on it 4 years ago. The cross kept snapping off.. i had to buy a new one 4 times! 4 goddam times. Then one day I looked down and the bracelet was gone.

    As much as I love him I have a similar experience never had so many problems with something before. And its not like his stuff is cheap and replacable!!

  2. Awh flip I hate when things like that happen it looks gorgeous too :( I have the TS Braclet with 4 charms lol I keep meaning to buy more but never get around to it but it still looks pretty never had any problems.... yet xoxo

  3. Aww that car charm is so cutee! xo

  4. I got mine on the 5th feb so only 9 days ago, I was given a little silver box with two tiny pair of shoes but the next day the shoe fell of! At £45 its quite expensive for a tiny piece of silver. I dont have a receipt as it was a gift, hoping they will still fix it, next charm going to defenatly be an eiffel tower! hope that doesnt break


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