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Some of you may know, if you don't then I am a total jewelry junkie. I think it's in my genes. My nan is obsessed with rings she literally has boxes and boxes of jewels here is one of her ring boxes! She must have AT least 3 more like this.


See what I mean!?

Well since I can remember I have had soo much love for rings, so I wanted to share some of them with you. Some of them have stories some of them don't!



This is my newly most worn ring and will be for a very long time as I am now engaged. For those who have just started reading my ramble I got engaged over xmas and this little baby is my new best friend. Unfortunately she seems to be getting a little big for me as my hands are shrinking weird huh! [Must be the cold] Its white gold and diamonds and on the four corners of the center the setting is in yellow gold. I love the mix of the two its so pretty and my man did me proud with this little one :)



My "OUI" ring, this was the first ring my fiance bought for me for our one year anniversary. I was wearing this on my left hand until I got my engagement ring, but now this is on my right hand to be honest these are the only two rings I am wearing on the daily now. I loved this ring so much I saw it in french vogue about a year before I got with my love. It was so perfect when we got together because the "OUI" really symbolised "US" Him being french and me saying "Oui" to whatever I was at the time :). It is by Christian Dior and is white gold with a small diamond in the dot of the "i". This ring is so me and hasn't left my hand for 2 years now it almost means more to me than my engagement ring!



This ring is so special to me. It is my aunts ring that she gave to me when I was around 14. It is full of diamonds so at the time was super sparkly and I felt sooo scared wearing it. Unfortunately it is too big for me these days. I always get scared that if I wear it, it will fall off. I wore this without taking it off till I was around 18 or 19 even. I occasionally wear it in the summer when my hands are hot and fatter haha!



My bow ring. Last year I went through a phase with bows.. everything had to have a bow so as soon as I saw this I really wanted it. I don't wear it as much anymore because all my rings seem to fit the same 2 fingers both of which are almost always occupied haha. ALSO the bow bits are really sharp and I have hurt myself and others with this ring so much. AND i'm talking BLOOD! This is from the Kabiri concession in Selfridges.




These rings are so special to me my fiance bought them for me last summer the day before I went to Tokyo. They are two little angels that come in 2 rings, they sit together and stare into one anothers eyes.. HAHA just kidding. adorable are they, these rings look amazing when they are on. My other half has the best taste when it comes to jewelry, he always choses me lovely things. These were from Les Néréides in Covent Gardens. Then the first day I was in Harajuku I saw it there!



My angel wing ring. This we bought on Brick Lane its by Galibardy, my most favouritest jewelry in the whole wide brick lane! It is so difficult when looking around the stalls of spitafileds/brick lane. However this stall is one place I am guaranteed to spend money. How pretty is this wing ring, it is adjustable so can be worn on any finger. I love gold jewelry and this is ideal when I need to wear a gold ring!



My double bones ring. I love how cool this ring looks it takes a bit of getting used to having two of your fingers tied up haha! Again this is from the amazing Galibardy. Lisa and Blue @ Galibardy are such lovely guys, seriously if any of you are around London pop to Brick Lane on a Sunday and check them out!



Another Galibardy ring! this is my flower ring I love that its open at the front, again is easily adjustable and I just love that it's different! Galibardy now have this ring in a few different colourways. Absolutely amazing.



I love roses, especially in jewelry. This oversized black rose ring I wear out almost all the time. Its such a statement piece yet not too distracting. I can't remember where I bought this from. I think it was from the high street, Miss selfridge or topshop most likely.



This ring is my nans.. but I have been wearing it a while. It yellow gold and is so intricately weaved and plaited. I love that it has such a bright beautiful turquoise stone in the middle. I believe she got this when herself and grandfather had left Mauritius and were living in Egypt.

What are your jewelry stories? DO you guys dig rings like me? Don't you wish you had more fingers for more rings? I do.. haha :)



  1. Such gorgeous rings!
    I love them all
    I love rings too but i don't have that many haha, i wish i did(: Love your collection xx

  2. Great post.. and seriously hon.. amazing rings! id die for your collection!!! (and the one ring in particular!! :P) xxox

  3. All of these rings are gorgeous! xx

  4. Wow I love your collection (and your nans!). I don't really own much special jewellery but then I am not much of a jewellery person. I've only recently started an obsession with rings.

  5. nice rings!!
    ur man has good taste, he needs to meet up with myn and give him some tips lol
    i'm into siler jewellery rather than gold..xx

  6. Great post! I'm obsessed with rings too. Your engagement ring is beautiful - Congrats! Do you know where your grandmother got the box for storing her rings? I just got my chains and bracelets orgnanised and I really want something like that for my rings.

  7. I love all of them. My favs are the ones from gilbardy and OIU of course.


  8. Your Nan's ring is beautiful. I love the colours and the braided detail. It looks like it has got a story to tell, I love the fact that it has got a history!
    The flower and the rose ones are cute too.

  9. I actually love ALL of these rings! The Oui one is proper sweet! Your blog is lovely darling :) xxx

  10. i always love to collect rings .actually Bangles increase stars in my confident.i feel so confident when i wear different designs of
    rings jewelry
    whether formal or informal rings....


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