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I am sure I wasn't the only who went GAGA when I saw the Illmasqua pastel nail polish collection. I ran off to Selfridges to have a look and get my name down on that on waiting list!

Yesterday evening I stopped off at a HUGEEE M&S, my cousin had been raving about Marks and Spencers' nail varnish. I was already dismissing it as we walked over to have a look. Then all of a sudden I saw this colour and was instantly suprised. I thought I better test it to see what it was like, so I applied it and just what I thought! it was streaky and not true to the colour in the bottle. Me trying to to make it work I applied another coat, and WOW... we fell in love. It is such a pretty lilac, which definitely needs two coats. I will have to do a compare when I get my Illamasqua ones.;) At £2.50 isn't this a bargain, what do you guys think of the colour.. there were some other really pretty pastels.. I figured I would give this one a go before buying more! I have Gosh's lilac nail polish which I also love, however it is a little darker and less pastel like this one. I am so ready for spring and nails this colour compensate for the miserable weather outside! What do you girls think?




  1. Oh i really like that colour! So pretty(:

  2. Sweet color and amazing ring <3

  3. @ schnella.. I know what a bargain!
    @ Hollywood.. thanks hun its from a clothing store and was mega cheap! x

  4. That is so cheap! Looks great too xx

  5. Thatsa pretty color for a good price
    ring looks really nice


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