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Kiehl's Lip Balm #1


My lips have been soo dry lately and nothing seems to be helping! Obviously working in beauty retail I am constantly re applying all sorts! I love baume de rose by by terry..the smell is beautiful (I guess not if you dislike rose) anyhoo i still can't justify £32 for a lipbalm that I could easily finish in two weeks!

I got given the keihls numer 1 lip balm to try. It comes in a tube and is now available in various different flavours, as well as the original one with SPF in it. I have the vanilla one, which is lovely as it's not too heavily scented. Anyways I thought I'd try it out. So whilst I moisturised my face I applied the lip balm. It comes out quite thick and you only need a tiny bit as it goes a long way. I applied this all over and seriously my lips looked HUGE! And very shiny but the instant feeling was amazing. I carried on applying my make up by the time I got to applying my lipstck I rubbed the lipbalm in. I then applied my lipstick which happened to be an illmasqua matte one. Matte lipsticks in general can be very drying and I always feel like half way through the day I end up looking all flaky. I tend to take it off and reapply. However it got to around 4 (this being after lunch) whilst the lipstick had faded as it would, my lips were not dry at all. They still felt supersoft I was really impressed! I had no desire to put anymore on during the day. It also acted as a great base for my lipstick which lasted pretty much all day. I have it on today and whilst it gives my lips a lovely glow it also keeps them feeling smooth which has been a rarity for these winter months. I highly recommend this product, I would definetley re purchase. I think it's around £9 It is cool that even tho I'm a part time sales assistant I get to try out products. It really allows me to give honest opinions to customers, family and friends. I think there's nothing worse than going home with a product that does f*** all!

Have any of you guys tried this lip balm?! It has to be their number 1 for a reason right? ! What have you been using on you lips in this cold weather? Is anything working..I thought Vaseline would be my saviour and for once it wasn't!

[Sorry I wrote this post last week.. It has taken me this long to upload it, I have noticed a difference within a week. My lips definitely feel a lot smoother]



  1. I didnt know it came in Vanilla. I got one in a tub as a gift YEARS and YEARS ago and i remember that I loved it. Im almost out of my second mac conditioner of 2010 so i might try this next!
    Great review.. and i agree with the spending ££ on by Terry which is just OK.
    Im kicking myself for getting that effin rose shit which dont get me worng is lovely but I used it up so so fast! :/

  2. This sounds really nice - and such a reasonable price tag. A space n.k opened in my town ages ago and i've not ventured in yet, i need to get over my whole being intimidated by the beautiful ladies that work in there. That and i think i'd spend every penny i had haha


  3. I love the coconut one! It's pretty much like vaseline in a tube but much nicer smelling :) xx

  4. woah that price tag is a bit much!!
    doubt i'll be getting it!

  5. Oooh vanilla...sounds lovely :)
    I went by the Kiehl's counter in Selfridges the other day and picked up a few gifts for a friend. They have some lovely products! xx

  6. I used to have the original which i kept my lips hydrated all day. I gave it to my brother and he liked it too which surprised me. I will def try out the vanilla one based on this review!

  7. Vasline has REALLY let me down this year! I am currently using Dermalogica's lip treatment and I hope to get my hands on a Korres lip butter soon! :) x

  8. Kiehl's lip balm #1 has been my HG ever since I purchased it 10 months ago.. It really relieves my chapped lips.. 1 tube can last a long long time. I tried Kiehl's lip balm in Mango, also delicious.. Vanilla seem yummy too... think they also have in other yummy-delicious flavours like cranberry, pear, mint.. but I have ye to try...

    Yes, after you tried it, you will know why so many people been raving about it!


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