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Jeremy Scott and Longchamp



I love designers who are fun and edgy. I have to say I love Jeremy Scotts pieces, he is just so original. He has been collaborating with Longchamp for quite some years now, he brings out the pliage bag every season. Last year was 'Floral Flight' I absolutley loved this one and tried..oh how I tried to get it but failed! :( I tried new York, Paris and London!! There are so few made that once they are sold out that's pretty much it!

Back in november I was searching Colette..I don't know how many of you are familiar with Colette. If not, it's an amazing French website that has loads of exclusive designer items. It was then I fell in love all over again. The latest version of Jeremy Scott's le pliage is based on the flinstones. Don't know how many of you saw the fashion show where pixie geldoff channelled a pebles look. She looked fierce.

Last week while my finace decided to leave me in lame ol London :( to go back to Paris to see his friends and family. He popped in to Colette which is located on 213 rue Saint-Honore, and picked this baby up for me :).. Bless him! This bag is fabulous while it's hugeee I don't care because I love it, it is exclusive to Colette and will be available in limited Longchamp stores. The pink is so girly and well like I said I love edgy fashion and this bag is no exception! I can't wait to use this..I have a feeling my pink lips will be coming out to play at the same time!






What do you guys think? What kind of fashion/designers are you in to?
Ralph Lauren? Armani? New Billionaire Boys Club Fashion for the guys?

Lots of Love and Kisses on this valentines weekend!



  1. OMG AMAZING!! If you put your mini make-up bags in it it can be your glam kit bag for special occasions!

    Although id use it as a handbag as i normally carry clothes with me to keep me warm! LOVE the pattern he has good taste my god does he have a brother for me?!?!? I need a bf that can spoil me and have good taste like yours lol!! xx

  2. this is really cute .. lucky girlyour fiance did spoil you good :)

  3. That is so cute, I always like the longchamp bags but never bought one as I thought they were a bit boring looking, I didn't realise they had patterned ones as well! I love the flintstones print its super cute x

  4. Gorgeous!! i am longing for a longchamp bag!! xxx

  5. Just come across your blog i love it :) where the heck have i been all this time lol ... I adore this bag it is so girly & perfect i just love it x

  6. @ Jody thank u hunnie.. ur comment made me laugh! thanks for following xx


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