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Harajuku Contest! Entrys and Winner!!

Last month as some of you may know I reached 100 followers I was sooo happy and still am..thank you to everyone who reads or even just stops by! I decided to have a contest to celebrate and WOW. I have had some amazing entrys. You guys are fabulous! Thank you to everyone who spent time and effort entering this, I had a lot of fun looking through, sharing your pics with friends and family..which might I say they loved to! It was really hard to judge so with a little help I found my winner. I wanted to show you some of the amazing entrys. I wish I could give everyone a prize but sadly I can't. I was meant to post the winner last night but found it sooo hard I had to sleep on the decision. I even asked my girl Tali from The Gloss Goss to help me and it was her input that made my mind up.

I will show you some of the great entrys!


This was sooo sooo difficult for me as I like each entry for different reasons. You guys were all amazing! The colours, the textures, the accessories.. just fabulous! I want everyday to be a HARAJUKU DAY!



(I don't have the link to your blog!)

This entry had all my friends and family laughing so much! It was so innovative and original. It was such a clever idea, you really thought outside the box. Everything goes in Harajuku.. you see some madness and this was crazy. I love it..! The sushi had me laughing for absolutley ages.. I really think it was such a different entry, so adventurous. How did you stick rice to you? Congrats.. If you send me an email to with the MAC lipstick you want and your details I will try and get your prizes to you asap. This was a great experience but a really tough one..!!

Lots of Love



  1. Congrats to the winner, love how original it was, great look! You had some amazing entry, defiantly didn't envy you having to pick the winner. x

  2. Was such a hard one.. the decission was made by most my friends/family! i couldnt do it!

  3. well deserved!!
    congratulations to the winner!

  4. Congratulations!!! So original! Well deserved! ♥

  5. Fabulous winner! Well done girlie - that is just amazing! Very well deserved! :) Congrats.
    Thanks Zara for having such a wicked comp!

  6. The winner is amazing! What a wicked idea xxx

  7. Yay! Can't believe it! Thank-you so much!! My blog is if anyone is interested!


  8. wow that is beyond creative!
    love it
    congratulations! :D


  9. Wow, what a winner and what amazing entries! Fab competition idea!

  10. Wow, the winners entry was AMAZING!
    But i love all the entries(:

  11. congrats to the winner ... she def deserved it!! :)


  12. Late comment but Duo glue made the rice stick.... amazing stuff ;)


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