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I have been meaning to do a hair post for a while now..I have put it off because I don't really have a routine, well I do but it changes. Having naturally curly hair I more oftend tend to leave it looking like one big mess then bothering to style it, especialy for work.


I change my shampoos a lot, the reason being because like skincare I feel once your hair gets dependent on a product it stops working (gets lazy). Well that's what I like to tell myself.

I am currently using herbal esences Hello Hydration - Moisture and Shine shampoo with orchid and coconut extracts. This shampoo smells amaZing, to be honest I think that's the reason I like it so much! I haven't noticed a major difference in the way my hair feels since I've been using it. I find that because my hair is naturally curly the texture of it is very rough, I don't know if that's the right word but that's what I feel like. I find my hair to be quite dry so I tend to select shampoos that can help that. I have been using this for about 3 weeks, I think I will wait to see the results after I finish it to determine wether I re-purchase. Although it doesn't feel so different It has however, made my hair appear much healthier especially when I straighten it, the appearance of my hair has changed with the use of this shampoo. The fact it smells divine is a major plus in my opinion, I love letting it dry naturally because the smell is so untouched and exotic. I use the the matching conditioner which works really well with the shampoo. I feel as if I've noticed a difference in the length of my hair or the speed of growth since I have been using these, which can only be a good thing for someone who has spent forever trying to grow their hair.

Before I started using Herbal esences I was using John Frieda Brilliant Brunette shampoo and conditioner. I found both the shampoo and conditioner to be amazing! The smell, the texture and the way it gave my hair such a beautiful boost. There was only really one negative for me, this is purely on a personal level. My hair is naturally dark brown, I like it to be jet black so I dye it and well using this brought out the brown in my hair and I really didn't like that, for that reason I stopped using's a shame that there isn't a shampoo to keep black hair looking super black and super glossy! Grr gap in the market there.

I have a few shampoo I tend to use when I want my hair to look fabulous, often when I'm going out. The reason I use this shampoo occasionally is because they are quite expensive. While I wouldn't mind using them daily my poor self thinks it's too much to invest too often. This one is frederic fekkai glossing shampoo. It smells amazing and really leaves my hair looking salon special! Love how glossy my hair feels with this product. The whole glossing range is defo a good one but I find it too expensive to use everyday, especially with the way I go through shampoo! This one pictured below is actually from a travel set I got around xmas time.

Hair mask

I am always up for trying new products when it comes to masks and treatments for hair. My Aunty is a complete beauty junkie like myself, so a few weeks ago when I was round hers she gave me this new mask she had been using and was bigging it up so much I was curious to see what all the fuss was about. It's Boot's own brand and is a Henna and Horse Chestnut intensive hair mask. It is for brunettes and red heads, at first I was a bit skeptical it would turn my hair brown but oh well..I had to give it a go. This product is soo reasonably priced, it suggests leaving it on for about 5 minutes before you rinse off. I have to say this left my hair feeling soft, silky and looking healthy. I feel like it really deep conditioned my hair and the results were visible from the first time I used it. I have been using this product 2-3 times a week. It has to be one of the products I am loving the most right now, it smells great which I was unsure it would.

Curly styling

When I have my hair curly (which it is naturally, for those who didn't know) I tend to use products that emphasise my curls without making them look like I've chucked a whole can of moose over them. I really can't stand it when products make my curls look and feel hard and crispy, not cool. I like my curly hair to look soft and fluffy, without being frizzy! With these products I use them on wet/towel dried hair then I diffuse my hair dry!

I am currently using v05 curl booster, as the name says this product really boosts curly hair and even wavy hair. A friend of mine was using it on her hair which is more wavy than curly and her hair was looking fab! So I decided to try it on mine and have used it ever since. I spray it all over then I scrunch my curls so that it can really hold the product. It's smells lovely really fresh and fruity, it's extremley affordable and lasts ages. It has heat protector in it so even if you are styling your hair curly this would be a good option to really get the most out of your curls.

I have also been using these two bed head products, Curls rock amplifier and Curls rock leave in moisturiser. I use one pump of the moisturiser and two pumps of the amplifier mix them together in my hands and then again I apply in scrunching motions to wet hair. These also smell fab, they work amazingly together again leaving curly hair bouncy and defined. What's nice about these products is that they really help detangle my curls, those who have curly hair will know how annoyingly tangly it can get.

Straight styling

To be honest I haven't worn my hair straight that often lately, mainly because of the horrible weather which just tends to frizz it up. One product that I always use, which can also be used for curly hair is john freida's famous frizz ease. I tend to use the one in the yellow bottle as it's more suited for heat styling. For me it leaves my hair sleek, frizz free and looking glossy. I also find that it's not as sticky as some frizz controlling serums can be.

Hair Tools

The hairdryer I use is a proffesional one that I bought from Sallys. It is the Parlux 3000. It is superfast and allows me to blowdry my hair a lot easier than hairdryers I have used previously, it is so fast that I can blowdry my huge head of hair within 20 minutes.

I use GHD straightners, these were limited edition pink ones which were actually a gift. I think these are the mark 4 ones which are great because after a certain amount of time they turn themselves off. One of the biggest issues I have is with remembering to turn straightners off! I am soo forgetful! I have very thick hair and these work wonders on me I can straighten my hair again within 20 minutes. These GHDs are also great for flicking and curling hair. If I want a soft wave or curls at the bottom I tend to use these as they do the job well and quickly.

I am now using my babyliss curling wand, this is such a great hair tool it's easy and although it takes me ages (because of my thick hair) it is soo worth it. I have done a full review not so long for those who are interested scroll down. It allows you to create beautiful curls/waves which hold pretty well.


I get asked a lot of questions about my extensions. The ones I use are pre clipped 18 inch. I don't know where these are from because a client gave them to me. In the past I have bought mine from Afro carribean hair shops, it works out a lot cheaper. You shouldn't really pay more than £40 for a full head of human hair. The quality of my hair extensions is beautiful I have had the same ones since last may. It probably is a good time for me to change them, but with the right care they should last you pretty long. In regards to washing/styling treat the hair the same you would your own.


I have always been used to wild hairstyles and now that my hair is quite lowkey and well boring I like to jazz it up every now and then with hair accesories. I love hairbands and seem to be collecting them, I seem to have a thing for bows.. Here are a few of my favourites. They look great with all hairstyles, colours and lengths.

I hope my hair post helps those who were wondering? I have rambled a little bit sorry dolls! I was getting asked lots of questions so thought I'd try and answer them all in here.. :) What are your guys favourite hair products etc? Share your secrets with me :)

Lots of Love



  1. I change my shampoo and conditioner up so much. I just get bored and like to try new stuff. My favourite hair product is Andrew Colinge 1 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioning treatment. Leave you hair soft and smells gorg!

  2. The bed head products seem to be great, I will definitely have to check them out. But, do they leave the curls with that kind of wet look (I don't really like it). Oh and me too, love hair accessories it can totally change the look :)))

  3. @ Kelly I agree I get bored with products too so its always nice to switch them up! Will have to look in to the andrew colinge one xx

    @ Cherries.. the bed head ones don't leave your curls with that wet look thats why I love them. I don't like that wet look either!!!

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  5. I got some 18 inch extensions from ebay for 30 quid and although others find it wearable, I still find it scanty for my hair although my hairs slighthly less volumised than yours! :(

    I guess I will be going to afro hair shops next time and will havta try thicker like 150 grams extentions.

    Oh and I looove the babyliss curling wand too. Works fab for my thick hair :)

  6. Pretty hair accesessories!! & Pretty hair all around!


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