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Habanera LOVE


Eyes : NARS 'Habanera E/s Duo', Eyeliner : Shu Uemura Gel liner, Lashes: Shu Uemura 'Slant Black'
Face : MAC Studio fix nc44, MAC Prep and Prime translucent powder, Cheeks : NARS 'Torrid', NARS Multiple 'South Beach'
Lips : NARS 'Turkish Delight'

I have mentioned this before but I am so in love with Nars Habanera e/s duo. It is the most amazing silver and this dusky plum colour. I wore it to work today and got stopped by a few customers. Even on the way home from work a woman stopped me on the train to compliment my eye makeup. I was really touched. We had a make up artist from Shu Uemura in today and she put some lashes on me. The ones I was wearing were slant black. I don't think they look very nice with my own lashes, I much prefer the luxe black, but hey they looked nice when I looked down hehe.


[Ignore my untidy eyebrows, eugh!]

My skin is really bad at the moment.. hence the ugliness! I need some good recommendations to tame my breakouts.. ladies help!?

What NARS duo's do u guys like if any!?



  1. Well first you have to give each individual spot or pimple a name.. i find that helps! lol So you know who your dealing with and who to yell at..

    I like Lush tea tree toner as it always clears up my skin!! AND SHUT UP.. what ugliness?!?!? STunning as always!

    PS>LOOOOVE habanera!!

  2. My favourite at the minute is Alhambra but Habanera is on my wishlist :)

    This looks lovely on you :) xx

  3. You look lovely! Turkish delight really suits you xx

  4. Habanera is my favourite Nars duo, it's gorgeous! I really like Cleo too!
    Love this look on you! xx

  5. OMG I love that look it's fabulous <3

  6. @ Tali.. well hun i duno if i have enough time to name them I will be here all day lol! I know u have a lot of love for habanera.. we seem to always like the same things.. so will have to give the lush tea tree a go.. tea tree always helps!

    @ Alhambra is gorgeous.. I actually like most of them! Such good value and great pigmentation!

    @ India.. thanks.. it starts off ok but then goes funny on my lips after a little while..!

    @ jo.. yay! habanera fan too..! ;) thumbs up! Thank u doll!

    @ Hollywood.. thank you love.. not so sure about my face tho.. eugh! xx

  7. Lush CoalFace is amazing for breakouts, i had abig breakout caused by a foundation and coalface cleared it up literally overnight xxx

  8. Something that has made my skin feel better in general is Badger Rose Evolving Balm! I don't love the lavender/rose fragrance, but I don't hate it.

    When I remember to whack it on at night, I always wake up with smooth, spot free skin. It clears up any redness & bumpiness. I don't think that it's aimed at that, but I have heard that rose oil is good for the skin, so. Yep! Hope that helps! x

  9. Gorgeous look hun! Love the colours you used, very pretty. Love the lip colour too. xx

  10. just found your blog and i love it your so gorgeous!

    I actually never used any Nars eyeshadows =/ i want to get some though i heard a lot of good things about it

    for the breakouts what really works fast is an Aspirin mask

    you can check out my skin routine if you want

  11. Gorgeous missy you look stunning very Kim K xoxo

  12. la roche posay's effaclar line and birth control changed my skin. I wrote about how i got rid of my acne here:

    good luck :) you are very pretty!

  13. Fabulous look!
    Your so gorgeous (:

  14. Hey doll! love your blog! Just showing some love on your page! I love this look you look FAB! I'm a new follower and a newbie blogger:) come visit/follow me
    or we can tweet away!


  15. Oh Zara! You've made me want that duo now haha.
    Im going shopping later too, and they have a nars counter. Im blaming you in advance when this slips into my hands. :) You look super stunning as always, that eyeliner flick is so perfect, what brush did you use to apply the gel? xxx

  16. Ahh you look stunning hun :) xx

  17. you should try sduocrem, it's inexpensive, and if theirs babies around, you probs already have it. there's a post on my blog of how i usually use it.

  18. reminds me of Kim Kardashian.. sure you've heard that a million times already.


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