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Eve Lom Cleanser


I started back at Space NK last week. We were given an Eve Lom cleanser and a candle as a starter gift. I know for a fact having worked in Space over xmas how popular the Eve Lom cleanser is. I mean seriously people just grab and go. I had never tried it and at £48 was slightly reluctant to. BUT wahey for me thanks to this free gift, I could finally see what all the fuss was about.

The concept behind the Eve Lom skincare is that 'Less is More'. She believes that if you use this cleanser once a day, that is ALL you need. You don't need an eye cream, a night cream etc. She has however brought out a small range of products to accomodate to those who still require those additional products.

As soon as I was given this in the training session I couldn't wait to get home and quite frankly WASH MY FACE. Those that know me or have seen me will know i like to wear a full face of make up. I enjoy doing it and LOVE wearing it.

The cleanser comes in a pot with a muselin cloth. Now there are simple steps to follow in order to achieve the best outcome.

1. You apply the cleanser to dry skin, gently rubbing it in. If like me you wear layers and layers of mascara the best thing to do is, dampen your eyelashes just slightly and using the tips of your fingers massage the cleanser in.

2. Run the muselin cloth under warm water and hold it to your face [to steam it] rinse and repeat twice. [A total of 3 times]

3. Again run the cloth under warm water and this time gently wipe away the product. At this point, EVERYTHING is removed!

4. Run the muselin cloth under COLD water just to close your pores.

I have used all sorts of cleansers over the years, foam ones, milk ones, gel ones, oil ones. I kid you not NOTHING has removed my make up so easily EVER BEFORE! My skin has never felt better. I wasn't left with panda eyes from my mascara. Nor did I have to take my make up off before cleansing and toning. This product does it ALL. Its really funny because when I was steaming my face with the warm cloth I took it away from my face to rinse and you could see my face shape. You could see my brown foundation, my blush, my eyelashes, my lipstick. I will have to stop in the process and take a pic next time it's so funny!


* CLEANSES. TONES. REMOVES EVERYTHING, you are left feeling as if you haven't worn make up all day. Your skin is left clean, make-up and dirt free.

* Only a small amount of product is required.

* The product can last you a long time.


* The smell, I don't quite know what it smells of. It doesn't have a pretty fragranced smell which in a way is good, at least you know your not putting chemically enhanced fragrances on your face. I think it's something I will get used to.

* The colour, although is goes on to your skin almost transparent the colour in the pot isn't particularly attractive. But at least you know its all natural.

* The price, Its an expensive one at £48. Like I said if I wasn't given one I probably wouldn't have tried it. Although when you think about it, the product can easily last you up to 5 months. Which is less than £10 a month. If you think of it that way it doesn't feel so bad. I think you should try it out, pop to an Eve Lom counter and ask for a tester!


I really love makeup but hate having a long gruelling process taking it off. With Eve Lom it is easily done and I have noticed a difference in my skin over the last week. It has reduced redness of my blemishes and I feel that my complexion is a lot brighter. Just so you all are aware.. I am NO way paid to write about this. I have just been given this as a gift and have used it everyday and I'm loving it right now. It is only week one, but I will be sure to update you on the progress. I have never used a product for the first time and then felt an instant change, with this I felt my skin was cleaner from the first time I used it!

Have any of you guys used Eve Lom? Would you consider spending £48 on a cleanser? Do things like colours and smells affect you and your use of that product?

Lots of Love



  1. I just dont know. I like my facewasha and moisturizer.. i dont wanna have one product that does it all! Im too lazy to use a washcloth!! xx

  2. oooh!
    sounds amazing!
    but the price :(

  3. Wow you should be a sales girl missy, haha you have definitely sold this product to me it sounds absolutely amazing!
    Im like you LOVE make up hate the routine of getting it off! This seems perfect!
    I know its pricey but i think i may give it a try, especially if its a all in one product!
    Im currently using the Liz Earle cleanser, toner & moisturiser which i am happy with for now but once ive finished i may give this a whirl!
    Great post as always gorgeous!
    <3 xoxox

  4. @ Tali I know what you mean.. I am superlazy but i thought in order to see what the fuss was about I would follow the routine.. so far so good.. but I am unsure how long it will last with me lol! I get bored easily!

    @ Desigirl 87.. Yep I know the price is a bad one :(((

    @ Sinead You should defo give it a try when your done with liz earle.. For me its been a good one!

  5. omg I am sooo tempted! hehe

  6. Ooh that does sound really nice. But far to expensive for me right now. It's added to my ever growing list of things i'd like when I finally have some money hehe.

    I've nominated you for an award on my blog lovely. ♥ xoxo

  7. Wow it does sound awesome and I would love a product that gets all the make up gunk off in one go...but... No
    I don't think I would pay £48 for the pleasure.
    Think I'll stick to my mac wipes for the time being!
    Great review honey
    milly xxx

  8. @ Shifa it is a good one!
    @ Jennie it is soo expensive I wouldnt have bought it if i didnt get given it! THank you sooo much for the award :)))
    @Milly.. mac wipes are great :) I agree the price is steeep! But if it works for u.. then its only really a tenner a month! considering how much us girls spend on makeup..:) lol thank u tho hunnie xxx

  9. Shu uemura cleansing oil ( green one) is the best for removing makeup!


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