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Dark Nails 'City Slick'



I decided on Friday night I wanted DARK nails, I haven't really worn dark nails for ages [With the exception of My Private Jet of course]. I felt like painting my nails black, I decided to pick up this colour from work. It's by Rococo and the colour is called 'City Slick'. I love this black, because it has dimension to it, there is a slight almost non existent sparkle [Charcoal grey I'd say] which really makes this colour stand out. I love the collection of Rococo nail polishes.. there are some amazing summer colours I can't wait to get my hands on.

I wasn't impressed to how long my rococo nail polish lasted last time, so I will put it to the test again! What colour are you guys wearing this week?



  1. Looks lovely, I much prefer darker colours, especially for the winter months. xx

  2. That looks lovely. I like how it's not just a boring straightforward back creme! I'm rocking OPI Merry Midnight at the moment, such a gorgeous purple with flakies and shimmer!

  3. ooh! nice, blacks never fail with me!
    i'm into the minty greens and blues nowadays..

  4. Such an intense colour. Amazing xx

  5. Loving the dark nail polish! I've got Models Own purple polish on with some funky glittery topcoat i bought from hong kong (raaaad!) :D xx


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