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Warm and Cosy

Those who have heard me moaning on Twitter will know that since the engagement I have been unwell! I think it's just run me while I was home moping around my faincé called and told me about the new MAC collection and asked me what I wanted! How sweet bless him, so str8 away headed to my girl Tali for some recommendations!

This collection really is warm and cosy it's a nice collection of neutral, wearable colours and everyone has to love a bit of nude!

So I got the 2n lipgloss which is a creamy nudey pink, I'm slowly expanding on the gloss department, you see I'm not much of a gloss girl ;)!

I got the cuddle me shadestick which I probably will never use, because I haven't used my others from the sugar and sweet collection (is that what it was know the one?) but it's a gorgeous colour and as Tali suggested perfect for highlighting! It can be used lightly but the more pressure you apply the stronger the colour becomes its gorgeous.. I really hope I try and incorporate this in some of my looks.

The last thing I got was the 'warm me up' lipstick had to get at least one of the lippys this is gorgeous quite similar to those from the permananet collection but still lovely! It is similar to high def which I bought from a previous collection. Its a warm rosey brown and was more of a want rather than a necessity. I could have lived without it but hey ho! Other bits in the collection I could have got but managed to resist, especially the lip conditioners I still haven't opened my hello kitty pink fish one! Tut tut! I also recently bought siss which is another one of the lipsticks in this collection, it is from the permanent line but is really a great dead nude. It is a must for everyones makeup collection! It really suits a lot of people.. So check that out if you haven't!

Have you guys checked out any of the new collections? What are your favourites?



  1. Your recommendations.. SO on point! :) xx

  2. 2N looks BEAUTIFUL!!! I bought Warm me up and Feeling dreamy online... I've yet to receive them but now I want 2N. DAMN. it looks great!

    My blog:

  3. 2n is a must! so creamy and perfectly pinky nudey.. ahh love it!

  4. I love your Blog too , your LOUBOUTINS are ridiculously Beautiful !!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR

  5. @ HOLLYWOOD! Thank u babe! the Loubs were a xmas pressy from the fiance.. i mean I have been begging for ages LOL!

  6. The "warm me up" is definitely gorgeous, I will have to get one. And you couldn't be more right about the nude Loubs, they go with anything, everywhere, no matter what. Simply a MUST :)

  7. I haven't worn the warm me up but am looking forward to doing so..its a wearable colour for all skin tones! xx


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