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I was given the 'Narciso Rodriguez' perfume gift set as an engagement present from my cousins little boy, she got me the ladys and my fiance the mens. I have to say me and her often like the same scents, however when I first smelt this I thought it was too strong and automatically dismissed it! TODAY.. whilst I was attempting to clean my room [which is a STATE!] I thought I'd give it another go. I have to say I really like this perfume now, at first it smelt similar to SJP's 'lovely' that really sweet flowery smell, but when this perfume settles its not as overpowering as 'Lovely'. I can see myself really wearing this a lot in the summer when the days are warmer [Which won't be anytime soon by the looks of things]. Scents like this remind me of summer time and in my opinion are pretty, girly smells! Is it weird that I imagine certain outfits and make up with this perfume lol.


I really like the bottle of this perfume its quite sleek and simple and black bottles are always a winner! Have any of you guys smelt this? what do u think?

I was also given another perfume on the engagement I have no idea who gave me this but thank you!? it was D&G 'Light Blue'. Oh my god.. I used to wear this perfume when I was like 14 and smelling this takes me right back to those days.. its weird how smells do that to us. I am sure most of you have smelt this because it is a classic fresh fragrance. Again very light to wear and I personally think more suited to summer. I can't wait to wear this again.. makes me feel young! lol..


I picked this up when I was working at Space NK and I lovvvvvvvvvvve this product. Everything from the smell, to the packaging, to the name. Its a solid perfume stick by 'crazylibellule and the poppies'. It is ideal for carrying with you in your handbag and they all smell divine.


They come in about 6 or 7 different smells and are packaged in different colours with really cute names! This one was my favourite. It is such a clean smell almost like fresh laundry, I love it. All u need is a little on the pulse points and because it is a solid perfume it is quite concentrated.


This one is called 'You my lord' - toi mon prince. Anyone that knows me will know I am a sucker for all things french and the cute names of this collection of perfume sticks had me from the get go! They are £12.50 check them out!


What have you guys been wearing? What scents remind you of certain things? The one that makes me feel the most is Vera Wang 'Princess' it reminds me of Paris when I was beginning to fall for my fiance! haha how cheesy!



  1. LOL yes you deffo like all things french ;)

    14-15- Chopard 'Wish' a sickly sweet smell that everyone always stole from me due to the cute bottle
    15-17- was Ck 'Obsession' all my friends wore light blue and i wore a deep non fresh scent (already a weirdo from then on!)
    18- 'Eau de Sud' (too light and fresh for me so turned to coco mademoiselle)
    19-23- Cinema and Maitreusse (when it came out)... still like my deep over the top smells!

    Sometimes i get a whif of a person and remember the weirdest things. Like my first bf or my first appartment!

  2. I always do that too.. I will smell someone and be im like OMG.. u remind me of that day when I was doing that.. lol!

    Love obsession and cinema.. I think my cousin wears the chopard one.. they have some gorgeous smells!

    ahhh perfume xx

  3. lovely post hun! I love the look of that spacenk perfume :)

  4. id love to try that solid perfume! I saw it in store but I didnt really give it a go...ill def be back to see what scents they have. What is ur fave one out of them all?

  5. PS what is that nail colour??

  6. @Imo The solid perfume is amazing! This one 'you my lord' is my favourite! The nail colour is MACS Limited Edition grey, it came out with the hello kitty collection. Think its called 'On the Prowl.' If you are in the UK, Barry M also do a similar grey! so you could check that out x

  7. fragrance is a hugeee love of mine. i was told the other day, that it's most definitely because i'm my mother's daughter. she gave me my first Chanel 5 when I was barely walking. A little strong for a toddler, I think?!

    Light Blue is such a nice clean scent. I love seeing people's reaction to it when they've smelled it for the first time.

    But the memories fragrance can bring--I used to duck and hide when I thought I could detect an ex coming near me--it was only that he wore a common scent.

    Great post :)

  8. I heart Narciso Rodriguez, is the men's one any good? You've really made me want to try the solid perfume. I am loving your blog btw and you are stunning! (whoops, couldn't help myself with the ! lol)


  9. @ fantastic! I always do that when i smell fragrances of exes lol! I agree with light blue.. I love fresh scents..Make me feel so alive!

    @ randomlondongirl

    The mens one is ok.. I wouldn't have chose it myself. I guess its all upto personal preference tho! YOU have to try the solid perfume IDEAL to keep in your handbag. You are gorgeous too babe and I love ur blog. Do you have twitter?


  10. love this post!!!

    have lots of memories attached to scents! clinique 'happy' reminds me of my first ever boyfriend, d & g 'the one' reminds me of newyork since i bought it the last time i was there and bvlgari 'rose essentielle' reminds of paris because i bought it at printemps dept store and wore it to death the last time i was there :)

    will def check out the solid perfume. it looks lovely x x x

  11. @Shakespeare really love how smells take you back to places! It's amazing! Britney spears fantasy reminds me soooo much of hong kong I love the sickly sweet smell of it! I actually really want to buy it now haha! EA diamonds reminds me of new York! But nothing beats vera Wang for me! I love printemps! Awwhh love hearing everyones memories!!!

  12. hey darl! :)
    thanks for dropping by, your blog is super cute! i love it.


  13. @ cecilia.. thank u babe.. come back soon xxx

  14. Hunnieees! Thanks, I got my parcel today, and sorry about the confusion, I emailed you from my sister's gmail which is weirdly connected to my ntlworld accnt on my phone. That always happens!
    Love everything you sent! :)

    I love all things Parisienne too, couldn't love that city enough!

    Speaking of perfumes, I can remember my first perfume around 15 being Miss Dior (not cherie, the original one) which was one of many gifts from a nurse whose ''heart I'd touched'' when I was under her care in hospital. I actually took up nursing academically because she had inspired me.

    After that around 17 when I got into perfumes myself it was an FCUK one I'd picked up at their store, kind of masculine almost. and then I finally got into perfumes like Lancome Miracle and So Magic Miracle and Givenchy Very Irresistible.
    Miracle is my signature scent but generally I'm into girlie, light, fresh scents like that (by the French! With exception of Stella McCartney). ;)

  15. Hello London :)

    I like your make up on the post Jan.4 You are beautiful!


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