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OPI : My Private jet



Yesterday My OPI package arrived yay! I had ordered to nail polishes from Jolie Beauty store on Ebay. It works out way cheaper than anywhere else! It must have been around £10 for two.. as opposed to £10 for one. The colours I bought were 'My private jet' and 'Coney Island Cotton Candy'. As I'm aware these are pretty popular on the blog scene and many people have talked about them. However I feel that everyone's opinion counts.. and EVERYthing looks different on us all! I tried the 'Coney Island Cotton Candy' but one coat was not enough and at 1 am I really didn't have the energy for it. From what I can see it is an amazing nude colour and with 2 coats it will look gorgeous. I will post pics when I do a full mani using it.


I decided I'd go with My private jet, I have to say this colour is interesting. I sort of have mixed feelings on it. I think this is partly to do with the fact that I am prefering nude nails at the mo and its been a while since my nails have been dark. I was sitting down over a cup of tea with my bestie trying to find the right words to describe this colour. On my skin tone I feel like its a reallly reallly dark mossy green/brown with a murky dirty gold sparkle through it. OK stop laughing at my poor description I honestly am struggling to find the words. However it is growing on me, it looks lovely when it hits the light and the sparkle shines through. I like it but I don't LOVE it, which I thought I would. I have to admit it was a slight dissapointment and I don't think I would re purchase!



I finished off my nails and smothered my hands in Laura Mercier's Creme Brulee hand cream! AHH i love the smell of this it is my favouirte out of all the different smells. I almost want to eat my hands, which is not good if your hungry! I wouldn't say its particularly moisturising it does leave ur hands feeling soft but if you have really dry hands then this isn't the cream for you, its more about the smell! Which is absolutley delicious! mmm


Do any of you own my private jet? What do you think of it? Have you been let down by any online purchases lately?

I also want to apologise for the poor camera quality these were taken with my iphone, I am still without a camera lead! I have taken pics on my old cam but seriously I dont like the quality at all! Must get one before next week!



  1. I bought My Private Jet again recently. I fell in love with it the first time but my second bottle looks different and I wonder if OPI have altered the formula as it's not blinging enough! Have a look at my review of it on Helen & Sheenie's blog and notice the colour is darker but now it seems lighter.

    The hand cream sounds divine! Shame on you for alerting me to it. I'm going to have buy it now.

    Lovely blog, by the way.

  2. I love My private jet on you hun, i currently have it on now and not too sure what to think of it either! on me it looks like black with shimmer, which i have many colours of already!
    Ive just got coney island cotton candy which i havent tried out yet but looks very sheer!
    Great post sweetie!

  3. My Private Jet looks amazing on your nails! xx

  4. looks like such a pretty colour!!

  5. Its sort of growing on me.. when i first wore it i described it as a brown/darkest green mossy colour! today it looked TOTALLY different.. it was almost like a charcoal with silver sparkle.. how bazaare! Or maybe im just colour blind!


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