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NEW YEAR - In's and Out's


As this new year begins.. I figured I would do an Ins and Out post..


Pink Nude Lips -

Have been getting a lot of love for me lately, I am using old favorites like 'Pink Plaid', 'Pink Noveau', 'Politely Pink' and 'Creme Cup'. I am also loving my NARS 'Turkish Delight' gloss.

Blushcremes -

I can't get enough of these lately, My collection of blushcremes is very small bur very much loved. I love the texture and the glowy finish. Just perfect. My favourites are MAC 'Posey' and Illamasqua 'Dixie'.


I don't often rave about brushes but this is a relatively new purchase and I love it. It is the perfect fluffy blending e/s brush. I think I need to buy another one of these because it is also amazing for really buffing in concealer. I love it.


Sorry to keep going on about them, but I honestly can't get enough of my babies! They are so beautiful. I am going to wear these every opportunity I can.. well not every opportunity.. But u know what I mean. Such sexy shoes.. I am already daydreaming about my next pair haha! Although I am sure it will be a long wait!

Weightwatchers -

I am back on it.. and focused. I got sort of sidetracked towards the end of the year with xmas and engagement, but I am back on it and determined to reach my goal. It's not even about being a certain size but just about feeling better about myself.

Water -

I have been drinking sooo much water since I started weight watchers at the end of November. I really feel a whole lot better by it and can definitely notice the difference, especially with my skin.


Job -

My contract with Space came to an end last week, although I have reapplied to stay on.. I think its time I start focusing on finding a job that is more permanent and preferably degree related. UGH just the thought of filling out applications is killing me!

Being a Girlfirend! -

I am no longer a girlfriend instead I am a fiancee! How weird.. it still feels surreal, but I am really excited for our future together :).

2009 -

Was a great year for me, there was also some bad points.. fall out with friends etc and I have come to realise that those people are so insignificant to my life and 2010 is all about out with the old and in with the new. I am therefore chosing to surround myself around supportive, creative and inspiring people as opposed to those who put you down. 2010 is going to be a good one.. I know it.



  1. ooooh that's pretty inspirational, I should come with my on Ins and Out list! PS. congrats for your status change girlfriend to fiancee! YAY!

  2. @ sophie
    Go for it.. I love seeing people ins and outs! and thanks a lot doll.. love ur blog xx

  3. aww congrats on ya engagement hun :D that must feel wierd init, coz we always feel vr too young for tying a knot! And 2010 will hopefully be a better year for all us :)

  4. @ Shifa

    thanks doll.. doesnt really feel weird as in my relationship because weve been together for so long and through a lot together, but weird when ppl start congratulating me and im thinking wow this is a big deal! lol..

    hope 2010 brings you everything u wish for x

  5. I totally agree regards the friends that put us down, oh come on , if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything!!!
    Me too, want this year to be surrounded by people I know will always be there for me, after all, that is why we chose a person as a friend. For the good and bad mmoments :) XOXO

    Oh, and congrats on your new status, it is something amazing :)


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