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My MAC Pro Palettes

I thought I would share my MAC eye shadow palettes, seeing as I was rearranging them. When I travel I try to limit myself to 1 palette.. I find this sooooo hard! I hadn't re organised my palettes since I came back from Paris. So thought I'd do so.

Neutral Palette


1. Amber Lights
2. Cork
3. Retrospeck
4. Patina
5. Honesty
6. Honey Lust
7. Malt
8. Shroom
9. Vanilla
10. Ricepaper
11. Femme-Fi
12. Arena

Browns Palette


1. Sketch
2. 100 Strokes
3. Beauty Marked
4. Tempting
5. Satin Taupe
6. Mystery
7. Concrete
8. Mulch
9. Magnetic Fields

Darks Palette


1. Knight
2. Electra
3. Filament
4. White Frost
5. Shale
6. Parfait Amour
7. Trax
8. Graphology
9. Contrast
10. Nocturnelle
11. I forgot the name of this colour!! from a LE!
12. Carbon
13. Black Tied

Colourful Palette


1. Sweet Lust
2. Dear Cupcake
3. Passionate
4. Off the Page
5. Orange
6. Expensive Pink
7. Moon's Reflection
8. Electric Eel
9. Freshwater
10. Aquavert
11. Aquadisiac
12. Club
13. Chrome Yellow
14. Bitter
15. Humid.

My obsession with e/s has calm down a bit, hence why these palettes aren't full. I forget I have a lot of these colours. I am thinking of doing step by step tutorials, so if there are any colours that jump out at any of you guys.. please share.. as you are all my inspiration. Do you guys obsess over e/s? My obsession is turning to blush now.. eeek!!



  1. OOOOO so many! Mine are all depotted so i have no clue what they are! lol xx

  2. lol.. the ones i depotted i used to heat up around the sticker and it peels off easily! I then put it on the e/s before the magnet! But I have to admit.. I have a sick memory when it comes to makeup and actually remember all the names >_< now that is bad.. me thinks need to get out more haha :P x

  3. lovely colours, plus giving me lots of ideas for colours I want for the empty palette i bought at the New Year. Planning to fill it over the next few months.

  4. You have such amazing colours! I Want so many of these but never knew what they looked like in the pan... Thanks for this! I love seeing peoples pro palettes! My blush one is almost full! Yay!

    I have a long way to go on my eyeshadow one though! My 88 palettes are too useful :p xx

  5. @Beautyjunkielondon! Ahhh make sure u take pics and post as you go along! Filling palettes is fun! I have them in simlar colour groups.. but I also like mixing them up! when I go away..can't wait to see what u come up with :)

    @ Nikki.. My blush one is full and im on to my next.. but im trying to calm myself down lol..A lot of the e/s colours I forget I have.. Whenever i'm in a rush I tend to stick to all things safe and go for neutral/browns.. however some of the bright ones look amazing on! I want to see other peoples now! SO i know what I should get to complete mine!

  6. This post was great! Very helpful! xx

  7. Whilst shopping through mac online I just couldn't make up my mind which eye shadow I should drop and which to pick up, but after seeing shroom, malt and rice paper on your blog i am definately getting em!!! :D


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