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London IMATS 2010


Hey dolls, as everyone knows this weekend has been the London IMATS. I was so excited about it, I mean last year I had missed it so spent the last year occasionally remembering about it. The tickets were £38 for the day which I think is rather steep, I mean if you are going to buy loads and save that amount in the discount then it's worth it. I initially wanted to go really early, however as I'd been out the night before I got there around 1pm. It was packed. I had heard that it was like that from the get-go, as soon as the doors opened. I don't understand why it takes place at Alexandra Palace I think its so inaccessible, lucky for me I drove down but the transport links around there are lame.

I am glad that I went so that I know next year I can give it a miss. It was almost impossible to look at brands and products. Honestly I was queing just to have a look. I am so impatient so as you can imagine I didn't last very long. After walking around checking out the stalls, I decided I would go just to the places I came for. Which to be honest was just OCC [Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics] and Illamasqua. There was a lot of body painting going on and I thought some of them were pretty cool here are a few pics!

My Purchases


By the time I had got there the stall looked EMPTY. Seriously didn't expect it to be THAT bad, I have no idea what they are planning to sell today [Sunday]. The make up artist joked with me and said they would be having a bake sale, haha jokes apart I think thats what they may have to do!

Lip Tars!

This is one of the main reasons I was sooo looking forward to the IMATS. I picked up 3, I only really wanted one of the 3 but I couldn't have just 1! They are too amazing.

I love the creamy consistency and the strong pay off, of colour. Seriously fab! They seem to be quite messy, the testers were leaking all over the place.. [NOT COOL] this didn't put me off, the stickyness drew me in ;). The intensity of the colours is amazing. I am sad I couldn't get Hush a nudey pink or NSFW a scarlet red. They would have been great.

I got these three.. Which I am sure I will grow to love. My girl Tali has mixed hers together and they look beautiful. Check out her review on them HERE ...

The three I picked.

Melange : A warm brown.

Pageant: A hot fuscia pink.

Safety Orange: A bright orange.

I feel like the product comes out of the tube a little too quick and even thought they eventually dry to become creamy they are quite wet.


Wow the discount was too good to be taken lightly! I love the Illamasqua team they are all such amazing, talented and most importantly FRIENDLY people. I think in the make up industry certain people think they are too good to be speaking to you [As much as I love MAC I sometimes find that there] It makes you as a customer feel really uncomfortable. I have to say everytime I go to Illmasqua in Selfridges I feel as if I'm talking to friends, even though it was soo packed and there was constantly people queing around the stall they reamined friendly and chatty. This was really nice as most other stalls I found didn't really bother.

The lipsticks were £9.00 from . The consistency is amazing and as I'm sure all of you know the colours are so true to what you see. BEAUTIFUL. I chose four different shades of pink. [You know how i love my PINKS!] They are all so different, that's why I had to have them all! :)

[L-R: Fable, Brink, Avenge, Corrupt]

Fable: A dusky light pink.

Brink: An orangey coral

Avenge: A bright neon pink.

Corrupt: A hot sexy pink

As you can see they are really pigmented, you would often expect them to be drying but they really aren't.

I got the blush Tweak which was around £9. I have been after a really deep red/fuscia blush and this one is gorgeous.

I also got the contour brush which was £15, it feels absolutley amazing and I can't wait to use it.

I am always so satisfied with my Illamasqua purchases and I love everything I got.

I managed to spend under a £100 which was good, I think if I wasn't being pushed and shoved almost everywhere I could have spent a lot more. SO IF you were ONE of those people who pushed the little 5'2 me.. THANK YOU!

For me the highlight of the day was meeting up with Tali from and Jo from. You girls are both fabulous and I had a great time lunching and chatting away with you girls. We ended up driving all over the place to find somewhere decent to have lunch and literally we stumbled onto this pub, which was so lovely. The decor was amazing and the food was so fresh. It was good to unwind and have a girly chit chat! Can't wait to do it again!

We are so BAD! we didn't even take any pics! tut tut. I have a few pics from around the IMATS I took, so here they are..

Did any of you go to the IMATS? What did you think? Did you see me and not say Hi? WHYY? lol..! Hope everyone has had a good weekend!

Lots of Love



  1. Wow, great pics. Looks like an amazing day!
    I'd def like to go next year.
    Fable is a lipstick i've been wanting to get for a while now. Now you have definitely sold it to me. looks beautiful barbie pink :)
    Glad you had a good day. Maybs see you next year?!
    Milly x

  2. Great things you got at IMATS hun! I must try out more Illamasqua, only have one thing (a lipgloss).

  3. Hey sweety, shame I didn't see you! It was too busy for my liking too but had an amazing time!


  4. Okay, I definitely have to get my hands on some illamasqua now! thank you for the swatches! xo

  5. @ Milly.. don't be fooled by the pics it was quite stressful!! and claustraphobic! Fable is gorgeous, you need to have it.. it would look lovely with a gloss over it!

    @ Kelly I don't have much Illamasqua either, However the products I do have I totally love and as the discount was so good I couldn't resist.

    @Dreams that glitter, I know I was expecting to see a few familiar faces but tbh I was getting more and more frustrated the longer i stayed. It was just too much pushing and shoving and waiting..! Glad you had a good time what did you get?

    @ Jennie.. They have some great products and what's nice is that they are so bold and true to the colour! No worries doll xx

  6. I neeeed fable and corrupt in my life. Ugh.. by te way finally got half and half and the creme blush too! I only had Lilicent so now it has a friend lol xoxo

  7. @ Tali... YAYYY glad you got those MAC bits, they are favourites of mine. I am sure you will love them.. No doubt I'll persuade you that u need fable and corrupt ;) xxx


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