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Last of the wedding bells..


Today was the last installment of my cousins wedding. Today was really nice and relaxed, for the first time in MANY years I actually enjoyed myself at a wedding on my dads side. I have to say my cousin who was getting married is one of my closest and yeh I feel really happy for her.

The event was at Alexandra Palace..where the 2010 IMATS are being held and wow. The view from up there is amazing.. London looks so pretty. I tried to take a pic but it didn't come out very good. Here's the entrance we walked in through. Still pretty, especially in the snow!


Anyhoo.. I wore the fully beaded dress I bought in the Sale from Topshop and I wore it with tight black trousers.. almost legging like. I didn't take a full length pic on my camera but think my hubbz has a pic on his iphone so will upload it as soon as. I wore black peep toes, although I walked into the hall in my UGGs because it was so icy and snowy in North London.


I painted my nails in my favouirte! 'Mod about you' by OPI. I love this colour sooo much it is by far my fave. It really matched the pastel coloured bead work on my dress.


I had ordered a curling wand and it didn't arrive for today.. SO I was super gutted and totally unsure what to do with my hair.. I pulled back the top, sort of quiff like even tho I hate that word.. I pinned it to the side and semi curled the bottoms.

I went for a classic silver/black smokey eye. To be honest I don't remember what eye shadows I used because HONESTLY me and my make up weren't getting on. I really didn't like the final look because I really didn't want to leave my warm house to venture out in the snow.. for that reason I left my make up super last minute.


I wore colours from my NARS e/s pallete and also 'Filament', 'Carbon' and 'Black Tied'. On my lips I used MAC'S Pro Multi purpose pencil in 'Pinkie' all over and then used a mix of a million lippys lol! 'Saint Germain', 'Creme Cup', 'Half N Half. I then mixed MAC's 'Magenta' lip liner. To be honest I mix it until i get the look Im going for lol! For the cheeks I used MAC'S 'Ladyblush' Cremeblush, with a little 'Posey' Cremeblush and a bit of 'Torrid' by Nars. I highlighted with MAC's 'Belightful'.


Have to show some love for my earings! These babies I bought in TOKYO from F21 and have been dying to wear them. Everything I wanted to wear them with never quite went. So I deicded to give them a go and they went down a storm! I LOVE THESE! AHHH so pretty.. can not wait to wear them in the summer.


When we were leaving I saw this and had to take a pic.. its not mouldyfruit.. but such pretty fruit! WOW I want to be able to do this lol..


The evening was held in the Palace Suite, so as we were leaving we had to walk through empty halls.. Honestly so big and empty it was sort of scary. I got a bit excited.. ESPECIALLY as I was now in UGGS.. and started flying through the air the hubbz managed to catch me well sorta twice.. lol..



Once you get to know me you will realise how random I am! :) Things like this keep me smiling lol..


Kisses to you all.. I am now going to take off all this make up.. and have a cuppa!


My favourite mug.. Princess Jasmine..AKA. ME :)

haha.. How have your guys weekend been?! Is it still snowing where you are..?



  1. you look stunning!
    very kin kardashian x

  2. STUNNING!! You look like the princess on the cup!!

  3. I agree; STUNNING!!
    Oh Lordy! I'm gagging for watermelon right now!

  4. Oh, your nail polish matches your earrings perfectly!!!!

    Your eyes look soooo beautiful, good job girl :)

    And about the snow.....I wish a lil, but in this heat of Brazil........

  5. @ Tenxx thank u babe.. really such a compliment she is beautiful! I wish!

    @ Tali.. lol thats the look I was going for :p haha..

    @ Su-Pah I know but what a waste.. Looks so pretty.. but man.. no ones gona eat that!!

    @ Cherries in syrup Yeh wether the nails matched or not I think I would have still worn them, because its my favourite colour! Your lucky ur in the heat.. cant wait for sunny days! hehe

  6. OMGOSH! You are GORGEOUS! Kim Kardashian eat your heart out haha. In fact i think you are prettier than Kim. :) xxx

  7. @ OMG at Zoe..missy u have to stop lol! kim IS WAYYYY AMAZING! SSSHHH :P

  8. gorgeous eyes you have! love your makeup too :)

  9. @ fantastic.. Im really suprised the make up is getting good feedback.. U know when u do it and ur not satisfied. I was so paranoid all evening, because like always I was rushing doing this lol! thank u doll xx

  10. ohh i only just re-read my comment, i meant kim* kardashian hah but you knew what i meant!
    no you really are similar to her! your beauty is amazing doll, x


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