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Coney Island Cotton Candy


I have been wearing this colour all week and I feel a little BLAH about it. I almost haven't even noticed it. Tonight I will be going back to my fellow Mod About You, for some fingernail love. I can see CICC looking amazing on tanned skin. I think it just didn't meet my expectations. I was hoping for a peachy version of Mod About You with the same intensity, but we shall see. It may grow on me which is what tends to happen. I had a similar relationship with Rimmel's 'Beige Style' which I now love. I don't think I would rush to re-purchase this colour.

[I also cut down my nails, I always get to the point where I feel like I need to let them re-grow, only healthy huh ;)]

Can you girlys give me some nail colour recomendations!? I am always on the look out for some new showstopping colours. What are your favouirtes?



  1. Love Beige Style favourite nude polish ever! CICC is ok, but it's nothing show stopping. What polishes to I love... Barry M Raspberry, Collection 2000 Minx, Nails Inc The Serpentine, Misa Dirty Sexy Money. I think that may be enough :) xx

  2. Thank u hun!! will check those out when I make my next nail polish purchase yay! xxx

  3. I have no reccomendations but i want some!! xx

  4. hey love your blog! if you like pastel coloured nail polishes you should check out models own nail poilishes they have nice colours just ordered some myself :)

  5. @ Tami thank you doll.. I checked out their site last night.. but my fiance saw me doing so and told me off lol! He was like u just bought so much from the imats.. :( but i didn't get any nail polishes!!

  6. Umm I love greys! They can look eeky if the shade is not so flattering but if you can find the 'perfect' grey, obviously from OPI lol it will look superb :)

  7. aww thats so sweet and at the same time not fair! lol hope you find a nice colour! :)

  8. i actually love colours like this so im not helpful at all! lol the most extreme colour in my collection is navy blue! haha x

  9. i have the same exact opinion about cicc


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