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Boxing day! Me and my crazy Aunty decided to hit the sales, I mean Oxford street selfridges sales!! I call her the crazy one because she's the youngest of my mums 2 sisters and she's the one who's carefree and likes to spend! My other Aunty is more the mumsy type, in her own way a spendaholic but in different commodities! So back to me and my crazy aunt..omg selfridges was madd we got there around midday and the bag section was totally empty like people had totally ransacked the place! It was crazy bear in mind this is my first experience of boxing day sales! Anyhoo at one point we thought it was hopeless but then we split up and spotted some things!

I got this gorgeous metallic YSL wallet which was originally £310 and reduced half price to £155.


I love it because it has a real vintage feel, the metallic slightly distressed leather is gorgeous. I feel like this is a classic piece and will be in my handbag for a little while :)


LOVE, the cute detail!

I also got this dress from topshop that I'd previously bought and refunded because I was unsure. However at £50 there's not much to think about for this fully beaded dress I really like it..and I bought it one size smaller than I initially had! The weightwatchers must be working ;). I love the detail of this dress and the low cut back it's gorge and the bead work makes it sooo heavy!



The last thing I got was the cheapest! It was a Christopher kane lace one shoulder dress from topshop! I have seen this dress online a few times but never in store so when I saw it in my size I had to quickly tried it on! Omg I love this dress on me i feel really Girly and think it's really flattering on! This was down to £25 from £50 what a bargain. I wore this for our engagement after party! I teamed it with my chunky platforms and tights, as well as statement jewelry! What do you guys think?



How have the sales been for you guys? What bargains have you picked up?




  1. LOVE the ysl wallet! THe look of it is so amazing and i bet it will go with any colored bag!!

    Great stuff.. you did good babe! You found some amazing bargains! :) xx

  2. I know.. when I saw the state of selfridges I was like.. there is NO WAY I'm going to find anything.. so when I saw that wallet it had to be mine! It really does go with any bag so that is always good!
    :) xx

  3. The ysl wallet is just stunning, it goes with absolutely everything !!Such a good taste. Well, I have finally managed to find the kind of shoes I was looking for. After Xmas, but, I found !!!!!!! :) :) :)

  4. I LOVE the YSL wallet!! sigh... one day maybe... :p


  5. I got the Christopher dress too its lovely! Not sure about it at the moment though it's kinda see throughey in some areas!


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