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I am almost ready for bed, this has to be the earliest I have slept or considered going to sleep, for a long time. Tomorrow is my first day at Space NK, I am really excited and a little nervous. More excited though. I have spent the day browsing through the website to familiarise myself with some of the proudcts/brands. I then remembered I had this book by Francois NARS and every time I look through it I am fascinated by how simple yet beautiful this book is. I love that he uses his products and goes into detail about where to place each product and how to do soin order to achieve the wide variety of looks within this book. I seriously recommend this book for people who LOVE Nars, make up and for those who just love admiring makeup.

I picked a few pics, I can't call these my favouirte because I love love love the whole book but just so you get an idea.






This pic above is the list of looks/descriptions.. Which is then developed in greater detail. In before and after style pictures.

I bought mine on Amazon!

This is my bedtime reading and bedtime blogging, the last post of the night.. hope you have all had a great Sunday.. We shall talk tomorrow!

Lots of Love




I am almost ready for bed, this has to be the earliest I have slept or considered going to sleep, for a long time. Tomorrow is my first da...

I bought this gorgeous nail varnish from Barry M. I am really into milky nails right now and I am always popping into superdrug and boots.. But I have NEVER seen this colour before. The Barry M counter in Topshop, oxford circus is great.. they have loadddss of colours that don't ever seem to ever make it into the other stores. This one is called 'Hint of Pink' (Number 100) It looks like a creamy beige colour, what is nice about it is that it isn't as bright as having white nails. I tried this on really quickly the other day, It is quite sheer so you need about 3 coats for it to start looking true to colour. I will have to give it a proper go and let you know if it is worth it! They also had a creamy lilac one I had seen a few weeks ago but were sold out when I bought this one.

Hint Of Pink

Hey guys.. It has been a great week for me and this blog.. not only do I now have people following.. I have also been nominated for the I (heart) your blog award. I am so seriously touched.. and just want to thank Nikki so much, you are such a sweetheart and going to be such a yummy mummy!

Well enough talking here are my current 15 favourite bloggers

(In no order)

1. Sahra

2. Laura

3. Nikki

4. Zoe

5. Tali

6. Su-Pah

7. Suzi

8. Kerry

9. Bubblegarm


11.Vex in the city

12. Jade



15.Pixiwoo (Sam and Nic)

I <3 your BLOG..


I first smelt LOLA a while back when it first came out.. I fell in love with it straight away! I am not much of a perfume addict I mean I have my signature scents that I tend to always go back to.. these being all variations of 'Vera Wang - Princess' It's really weird because the original one reminds me sooo much of when I first met my other half, the sweet smell reminds me of those lovely memories visiting him and beautiful Paris. Anyways enough about Princess back to LOLA.. so YES! I fell in LOVE with to the extent everytime I was in a department store I'd rush to it and shower myself in it! I really wanted to buy it but would rather spend £60 on make up haha! I tend to buy scents in duty free because I travel a lot so makes sense to wait and save! So as you know I spent my birthday in Paris and my bfs mum bought it for me! I was honestly sooo excited.. I did feel bad because in Paris its WAYYYYYY more.. we had gone to sephora before my birthday and for the 100ml it was around 89 Euros! Which works out to about £80 if not more! Its crazy how much more things are there!

The packaging is amaazzzinngg I love the look of this and think it looks perfect on a dressing table! The smell is sweet and really flowery if you know what I mean, if you haven't smelt this yet its definetley a must! its gorgeous.. I love it..So get it on your christmas lists girls!

What are your new/old favourite scents? Do they remind you of specific places/people etc.. ??


Zara xx


For once it feels like I'm not talking to myself.. Just want to thank those who have followed me lately.. Feels good to know that I'm not just writing in to the WWW. If you guys have any questions or comments, I read everything and love hearing from new people.. so say HI.. and I will for sure do the same.. Much love and appreciation to all you fellow bloggers out there.. :)
This is how you guys are making me smile right now..

Lets Share!

Lots of Love Zara xxx



I am watching season 3 of GOSSIP GIRL on ITV2.. I've decided I much prefer watching this hottie on a 42 inch wide screen television than streaming/downloading it to watch on a little 13' Macbook. He's just way yummier! I think we are about a month behind the UK.. but I don't mind because I now have something to look forward to every Wednesday!



Wednesday night is all about..

While I'm sitting here not doing much I'm trying to push out all my overdue blog posts! SOO last week when I got back from Paris I was obviously a little upset because I was hoping to share loads of make up purchases and well came back with very little! BY chance my foundation had run out.. and when it gets to that stage I have to RUSSH to MAC to stock up!


So I picked up my usual studio fix in NC44 for anyone who was interested lol! I also picked up a new concealer I usually use the studio finish one but lately haven't been loving the texture as much. So the MUA who was new recomended, studio sculpt concealer and although she was a bit slow and didn't give me good reasoning or even test the product against my skin tone.. I thought let me bear with her. I am glad I did so.. I have used this now for the last week now and the coverage is very good similarly to the studio finish concealer. However, the texture is much creamier and it goes on really smooth. It also makes it easier to blend it in wether you use a brush or your fingers. I definitely rate this concealer and think anyone who hasn't tried it should do. Its very moisturising providing a full coverage and long lasting finish.

No MAC visit is complete without a new lipstick and so the one I got was SISS.. I wasn't excited about this lipstick but had previously tested it out from a friend. It's one of those colours you need but when you look at it, it's very standard. I have gone to buy it many times but always chose something else. Its a brown/neutral colour.. when you put it on (well my skin tone) its that sort of dead look. It's described on the MAC site as a muted golden beige. I will be sure to put some pics up so you guys can get the idea!

The last product I got from MAC was posey blush creme and this is my first ever blush creme, the reason I haven't purchased them before is because I wasn't sure about the consistency. I am still unsure. This blush is rosey pink and from what I can see gives you a dewy glowy cheek. Although I think the dewy look is more a summer thing I am still looking forward to rocking it.


So after getting MAC'D out I walked towards Selfridges and got chatting to this really lovely mua at Illamasqua.. Obviously this meant I had to have something and I know I'm really late but these were my first purchases from Illamasqua. So for someone who isn't too sure about blush cremes I bought another and without even checking the colour IS SOOOOOO similar to the MAC one lol. I do think that the consistency of the Illamasqua one is a lot lighter and goes on to the skin much sheerer the colour is called 'Dixie'. It does give you that ultimate hollywood glow, whereas the MAC ones are more pigmented. I also got the liquid metal in the gold 'Solstice' I wanted to get both but was good. The reason I chose the gold is because I usually wear more gold and brown tone eye makeup because I think it's what works best for my skin tone. All of the colours are gorgeous and it goes on so smoothly. It can be quite bold or you can blend it in and it ends up looking a little more subtle. I love this product and think that it's the perfect time of year to be wearing all of these glitzy colours.. its so christmassy!



So one of the recent lippys I got was MAC's Impassioned. I love looking at this colour and had picked it up many times, but always put it back down! It's sort of similar to MAC's 'Girl about town' and well I wore it for the first time on my bday in Paris.

I love a BOLD lip!!


what do you think!?

P.S. The nails are 'Mod about you' by OPI, can't get enough of this colour!




Haha.. I'm watching the twilight red carpet hence the title for this post! but in reality im torn I think at heart its edward! but damn JACOB! looking hott! I haven't seen 'New Moon' yet but will try this weekend!

Anyways moving on to another type of Jacob.. Mr Marc Jacob..
My bf bought me this watch necklace I really wanted for my birthday! how cute is it.. I got spoilt this year..but this was my fave! so kawaii!


whilst we were shopping around in Paris I came across this tea pot! how adorable.. I am a total tea drinker so this is ideal for me n the bf to have our evening cuppa! I love all things eiffel tower! everytime when I'm in Paris my other half always asks me what I want to do and my answer is always the same.. 'Can we go to the Eiffel Tower?' lol and he gets so annoyed as hes a Parisien that sort of thing is touristy and boring! I have been to Paris over 20 times.. but I always want to go there it's so beautiful!


Team Jacob


SO before I went to Paris I purchased Mac's Russian Red.. I'm usually more of a 'Ruby Woo' or 'MAC Red' person... but I love this shade of Red its bright, yet intense. For a Matte Lipstick it's extremely moisturising and of course long lasting! Love Love Love this colour and think that its perfect for this time of the year.. All chritsmassy and all ;)..


Russian Red

Do bad things
Spend lots of money
Buy unnecessarily


Most of all MAC makes me very happy!

mf lips
(lipsticks: creme cup; impassioned; blankety; ravishing p.s sorry for bad lighting!)

So if one trip to the pro store weren't enough.. there had to be another! This week ive been to central twice and on both occassions how could i avoid mac.. that is just impossible. ESPECIALLY as the holiday seasonal collection is out.. and well.. I WAS SLIGHTLY dissapointed.. none of the colours wowd me.. neither did the e/s pallettes I usually always get one each year...but I duno I didnt jump for joy! SO anywhoo earlier this week I bought Ravishing and Creme Cup lipsticks. Ravishing is like a coral/orange neutral if that makes sense.. lol one of the reasons I bought it is because Kim Kardashians, make up artist Mario Dedivanovic used it on her for her birthday look and well a little bit of me hoped that if i got this lippy i would magically turn in to her lol.. IM YET TO USE IT! anyways it looked great and is the sort of colour i dont have in my lipstick collection! before I go on let me show you what it looked like on her!!

how mega is she!! check out how to achieve this look on Mario's blog.. the link is

the second is creme cup.. Its the kind of pinky nude tone that I just can't get enough of.. Im instantly drawn to the neutral pinks and this one is gorgeous.. its a cremesheen finish which gives a really shiny creamy texture.. definetley creating a fuller more plum pout! I will upload pics of the colours on.. Ive just been lazy to take the pics!!

Ok so back to today.. Today I carried on the lipstick spree and bought Impassioned and i've been picking up this colour and putting it down for a while now.. and today i thought.. sod it.. im going to finally buy it! its reminds me to girl about town but instead of being more fuschia toned its got like a bright coral tone to it.. its still hot pink but not a purpley hot pink if that makes sense more of an orangey side to it! its described on the Mac site as an amped up fuscia! Cant wait to wear it!.. the next lippy i got was BLANKETY.. which is a soft pinky beige.. one of my mac addict friends recommended it to me and when i swatched it I knew it had to come home with me! Its an amplified lipstick so the texture for me is my idea of perfection lol!

blush copy

I then bought an eye shaddow i have been neglecting my palettes as lately im so much more into lipsticks than buying eyeshadows.. it might be because I have 3 full palettes and one half full.. so my spectrum of colours is quite varied. Anyway i bought one which is electra.. I dont have many silvers and I like this one because its not super glittery its has a lovely sheen to it but doesnt look like a disco ball! lol.. Im trying to get more greys and silvers in my pallette so this is one of them!

The last thing I got was a blusher.. Im not a big blusher fan.. I think thats what I have the least of from mac. So anyways I wanted a blusher that would give me rosy effortless looking cheeks! I have blushers that give me pink rosy cheeks.. but I wanted REDDDD.. So the colour I was recommended was hello fleur.. perfect name for rosy cheeks hey! The colour looks OKISH.. i wasnt overly impressed with the Mua.. but all the ones I usually have were occupied.. anyways Im always up for suggestions.. so will try it out and see how we go..

SO yes.. that is all my mac bits.. I will post pics tomorw when I can take the pics! I will try and stay away at least til next week.. when il be in paris :))) i think instead of MAC il be raiding sephora for make-up forever products lol! what can i say makeup makes me happy..

lots of love and MAC kisses


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