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I feel like I haven't blogged in ages.. Although it was only Monday this week feels never ending.. but I am not complaining! I am still gutted because I am without PICTURES :(.. my stupid camera lead won't be with me for at least 7-15 days ARGH! thats too long and I can't take it..! Things at Space are going well.. I feel like I have fit in quite well. It is also AMAZING working with professional make up artist I feel as if I am learning so much.. I have therefore been a little less confident when it comes to advising customers on make up (as I am not professionally trained). However I have been giving it a go and today advised a lady on a highlighting duo from NARS and a beautiful berry coloured lipstick also from NARS. I put the products on her and she was really happy and bought them both. It may seem like a minor detail to a day but it really boosted my confidence. Also got me thinking that although I am not professionally trained I do know my stuff and my opinion is as good as anyone elses.. :) It was a good start to my day!

I also have to tell you about this scent that I am obsessing over! It is by the french make Diptyque they do the most amazing scented candles and their perfumes are WOW! One of the most popular scents is the Philosykos Eau de Toiletter, oh my goodneeeesss this is just such a beautiful smell I was spraying it all over myself all day long! The smell is fig, which is weird because I don't usually like anything with fig in it. What is nice about this long lasting perfume is that the smell is not over powering, yet it is sweet but somehow mysterious and dark. I know they are weird words to describe a perfume but thats really what comes to mind. I sold three of these today I think it may have been because I was talking so passionately about it! I can not wait to get my discount card.. This is defo on my list!! If any of you pass by a Space Nk definetley have a smell and let me know what you think! They do a lot in this smell from bath oils to soap.

How has everyones week been? looking forward to weekend? I AM.. and its the first time i've had that monday to friday work feeling! :)..What do you guys have planned?

lotsa love



  1. Hey you should buy a stephen webster malaria ring! They are only limited edition and are so beautiful. Try asos and ebay

  2. I love fig scents.. they are suprisingly complex!! I have a solid Fig perfume by pacifica and i cant stop sniffing it.. its so mezmerising. Now i wanna smell this one!

    What happened to your camera babe??

  3. Babe if you love fig.. you will adore this scent! The best thing is Diptyque do the whole collection from cream to candles. The perfume is lovely I have been spraying myself with it throughout the day all week! :))) YOU MUST SMELL IT!

    My camera is working perfectly fine it's the cable and I can't find a card reader.. How annoying.. I don't like posting without pics! It feels empty :(

    How are you doing my love?


  4. Hi darling, your blog is getting better everyday! following you ;)


  5. This is the first time I am stopping by your blog, and I already feel hooked! Can't wait to see more great posts!

  6. @ Maison chaplin, thank you I love your blog its amazing!

    @ Kajal couture.. stick around I assure you it will get better :0) xxx


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