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Straight hair and a bite of MouldyFRUIT!



Yesterday I decided I would brave the weather and straighten my hair! Lately I have been sooo LAZY it is always the easier option to keep it curly.. because its natural therefore if I get caught in the rain my hair won't turn into a mane because it already is! haha.. All the girls at work really liked my hair straight and to be honest it felt really nice.. I feel that because I haven't had it straight for a while it was a real change. It has been good for me though as it has allowed me to use less heat on my hair which is definitely helping it grow! YAY finally..


My makeup yesterday was quick and easy.. I used Laura Mercier e/s in bronze copper, with a bit of MAC's black tied in the outer corners and lightly through the crease, lined with MAC'S 'Blacktrack' fluidline. For the face I used my studio fix foundation as always, my prep and prime translucent powder. For the cheeks I used MAC's blush creme in 'Posey' with a little a bit of NARS 'Torrid' over the top. For the lips, I used MAC'S lipstick in 'Politely Pink' and 'Snob' mixed in with some random Laura mercier gloss! Honestly this takes me about 10 mins to do and thats why it is my quick look!


Yesterday I wore my apple bitten chain and thought WOW how could.. a little bit of


What are you guys doing with your hair? Short? Long? Straight? Curly? Inbetween?


    love the whole look, including the apple! :)
    the eye makeup is stunning.

    i have long, wavy hair an no styling, just keeping it boringly au naturel these days, have a bit a fringe trimmed which i pin back if it gets too in the way.

  2. Thank u babe.. the eye make up is seriously so easy.. believe it or not this make up was taken at the end of the day and I was up from 5.30!!! Yeh I have been opting for the au naturel look too and have been trying to keep my on growing fringe out my way!

  3. looove the makeup gurl! You rock it!
    and the hair looks stunning! keep it straight ;)
    Studio fix is my fave too :) but i run out of it pretty quick :S I wish there was a cheaper alternative!

  4. Thanks hun.. thats weird u run out quick.. i cake it on lol almost every day and it lasts me a good 3/4 months!!! do u use the pump? because before i didnt and used to run out a lot quicker, whereas now it lasts me longer!

  5. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love the make-up in this look and the lips work so well!! Hair is fab i think it suits you this way but your lucky because after seeing your hair history your shape face clearly works with a lot of things!! xoxo

  6. Loving the look! How are you finding the Mac blush cremes?! I heard they were a bit oily so I havnt ventured in to get them yet!


  7. PRETTY! I love that necklace.

  8. @ tali

    thank u doll!! trust me wether my hair works or not.. its just about making do :P

    babe you have been missed hows the little one?! I am loving the blush cremes because they are nicely pigmented! they do have a sheen to them but I have been dusting translucent powder over them!


    Thank you.. :)

  9. Oh.My.GOd. Your eyebrows! So lush! And your hair looks so lustrous! So jealous! Beautiful girl. xx

  10. @ PCMP

    LOL.. trust me it took me YEARS to get my eyebrows back to this.. I went through a phase where a thin line was what I wanted to call an eyebrow lol! when in reality a bigger brow suits my face shape!

  11. oh wow, i'm heaps loving you with straight hair, looks fabulous!
    my hair is short & straight as straight can be! i want long hair though & i can't wait! hah, i'm thinking extensions x

  12. your soo prettiess =)
    i love the pink lipstick
    really suits you! =)
    i wanna buy the same colour now lol
    and i adore your eyelashes so long n pretty! =)
    do you have myspace?

  13. Loving the lippy! I just bought snob today, can't wait to try it..nice look :)



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