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I haven't been shopping in ages.. well at the time.. I hadn't. I'd gone out with the girls from work for our XMAS party and one of the girls was wearing the most amazing shoes.. laced up, platform type.. they were soooo HARAJUKU! I fell in LOVE..She told me that they were from office, I was in MAJOR shock at this point! SO that evening as soon as i got back.. I went on to office's site and they had them!!! Although hers were black and the only ones they had were TAN.. No doubt they still had to be bought..


THEN came the shock of my life.. when I discovered they were £15.00.. OMG how ridiculously cheap is that! They were initially £80 and I would so pay that for them.. so I was very pleased with myself! They arrived on Thursday and I am already trying to purchase a whole wardrobe around them! The fiance..(feels weird calling him that!) doesn't like them.. but who cares I love them.. they remind me of something Gwen Stefani would wear!?


What do you guys think?


  1. I am in shoe love! Looks great contrasted against black tights!

  2. Lol.. what a bargain!? Thought id stick with the tights in case I had some readers who had feet phobia haha! ;) x


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