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At Space Nk we have recently began to stock this brand of nail polish called 'Rococo Nail Apparel'. I have to say if you haven't checked out this brand it's a must! They have such an AMAZING collection of colours from Metalic silvers to Gold leaf, they really do have some hott ones! So last night I decided to take home the testers to try out this brand, I mean they are lovely to look at and come in AMAZING packaging (A box with brocade pattern on it) but I don't really know much about how they come out! I picked two colours because I couldn't decide but ended up going wit a creamy milky colour (I know I know..just can't stay away!). This colour reminds me of 'Mod about you' because it comes out as bright, however instead of it having pink/lilac tones this one has a peachy/beige tone. I love the contrast with my skin colour!


(dont laugh at how ugly my hands look in photos! They arent that bad in the real!!)

I started off with the superbase which was really good and then applied two coats of the nail varnish and one coat of the gloss on top! FORGET the nail varnish I have to say how impressed I am with the TOP COAT!! wow.. usually I hate painting my nails unless I know I am going to sit still for the following two hours! I always end up getting bed print on them or you know what I mean. The top coat dried s quickly and I went to bed soon after to awake in the morning with NO BED NAILS! yay.. they were glossy and looked professionally manicured! The consistency of the nail varnish is good, you may not necessarily need to coats its just the way I like it though. One thing I have to criticise but bare in mind I have been at work ALL day! Prepping for sale, moving boxes, wrapping gifts etc. My nails have chipped slightly and that makes me a bit skeptical as to how long these professionally looking nails may last. Nonetheless I do think its worth a try and because the colours are so gorgeous it makes it hard to resist. I chose a pretty boring colour in comparison to some of the amazing ones they have.

They are priced at £11.50 so are similar prices to OPI. The colour I painted my nails was 'C-CUP'.

Heres the gold leaf one I was talking about!

How amazing!

Lots of Love

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