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Red Square.



Oh my.. I never knew I could love a lip pencil this much! This is the velvet matte lip pencil by NARS in the colour RED SQUARE. I absolutley love this product the consistency of the pencil is quite creamy..(considering) and very smooth one applied! It gives you the ultimate matte lip, strong in colour! This colour is so gorgeous because has more orange tones than red, it reminds me of MAC's 'So Chaud' lippy. When I wore this I got asked by three people what I was wearing, when I applied it on them they were suprised that t is well suited colour to all skin tones. As it's a pencil, you have the option of making the lip as subtle or as strong as you like!


After a whole day of wearing this I have to say I was quite shocked that the colour really lasted! If you guys are looking for a Matte lip, you must try these pencils. Other colours I'm loving in these are, 'Sex Machine' and 'Dragon girl'. Sex machine is a nudey pink colour sort of like MAC's 'Pink Plaid', whereas Dragon Girl is a deep red, with a slight pinky tone that reminds me of MAC's 'Ruby Woo'. These pencils come in a selection of stunning colours and I know I will be buying more of these! They are £16.50, which is quite dear.. But I think it's worth it!


I hate how I look in this pic.. and the quality is so lame! this was taken a few days ago before I got my lead!


  1. Stunning as always gorgeous! You can carry off a red lip so well,looks amazing on you! xxx

  2. Also Zara, I was after your Vivienne Westwood bag for absolutely ages but it sold out and i dont really like the newer version of it so if you ever decide to sell it, im your girl and will definitely take it off your hands!

  3. Oh thanks again hun.. ur gona make me go RED with all the compliments lol! As I was saying to one of my friends.. I dont really care if something doesnt suit me id probably still wear it! lol.. and as for the bag I dont see I will it ever leave me.. it was for my 21st and im still in love with it! Although I want a new bag now! haha.. and I agree I dont like the new ebury.. xxx

  4. thank u hunnie! Like i keep telling everyone.. I have to keep pinching myself to see if its all real! lol x

  5. PERFECT!! I want this now!!! Look amazing and you look stunning in that picture :) xxxxxxx

  6. Merci.. va? How was miami xxx

  7. Thank you so much for this post! I Googled "NARS Red Square" and couldn't find a good swatch until your blog.


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