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So since I've started at Space, I have TRIED to limit myself to buying a product a week. Over the last 3 weeks I have bought Lovejoy, Torrid and Red square. Then today one of the national make up artists from NARS was in store and well firstly she gave me the biggest compliment I have EVER recieved although I don't believe it at all! She said I remind her of Kim Kardashian.. LOL seriously WHAT THE F! I friggin wish!! She seems to think I have similar features! ANYHOO by this point I was getting sucked into everything she was suggesting lol! At the end of it I only bought two things but seriously was really hard to resist!

OK so as you know its the engagement party this sunday and at first I was going to get one of the make up artists at work to do it. However, I am really fussy when it comes to my makeup and I know what suits me and how I like it done, therefore I figured I should just do it myself, I think I do it well enough! So I was explaining my dress to the MUA and she suggested the eyeshadow duo in Habenera, one side is a really pigmneted silver that isn't too sparkly! The other half is a plumish purple with some really smokey sparkle in it! All she had to do was put it on my hand and I feel in love.. Its so mysterious and I love that! I am going to experiment and do a few looks for you guys to help me decide how to do my make up on the big day!



I asked her what blush she suggested would compliment my smokey eyes and she thinks that my torrid would work a treat and as for lips, she recomended the gloss 'Turkish Delight' Kim Kardashians fave! I have been meaning to buy this for a while, so after she made the Kim K comment on me I was totally sold on the lipgloss! haha. I love how babypink this gloss is.. Yumm!


I feel so much better now that I have confessed my sins! haha :)


  1. You made some good choices. Im sure you will look gorgeous on your engagement! Make sure you post some pics!
    Wish you all the best for it x

  2. Habanera is my favourite duo.. last year I raved about it all summer long and now im on my 2nd as i used it all up. You will love the way it contrasts your skin without being too contasting like silver!

    Also love Turkish Delight but with all nars glosses they go old fast and mine smells like plastic now :( xxx

  3. @ Kiran thank u so much.. To be honest when it comes to make up I want it all lol.. So choices are difficult especially when I try to limit myself!

    @Tali.. WOOO glad you've used it! I haven't tried a look with it.. I just swatched it.. but am now excited to try it out! I sooo know what u mean about them smelling.. EUGH.. I hate that! I will have to use it up quickly..! xxx

  4. Ooh! This looks gorgeous, have felt tempted many times after seeing it on Tali's blog.
    I'm hoping to see the plum shade in Kuala Lumpur, if it isn't satusfying enough, I'll got for this duo!
    Oh and Turkish Delight, it was my first NARS purchase ever, from Liberty London. Loves it, in spite of the smell! xD

  5. @ SU pah, seriously habanera is gorgeous.. I wasn't too keen on nars duo's but when the make up artist suggested it.. I really like the intensity of the plumish side! I will have to check out kuala lumpur! Everyone loves a bit of turkish delight! ;) xxx

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  7. i only just read this post now haha, told you you look like kimmy! x


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