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History of Madame Lubatti

Madame Lubatti was a remarkable lady, a skincare specialist who hand-mixed her own lotions and potions in her stylish London apartment for society ladies, English royalty and celebrities from the 1920s onwards. She was a lady ahead of her time and saw anyone who was anyone in London during this period. Vivien Leigh and Princess Marina (mother of Princess Alexandra) were among her impressive client list.

She was a terribly striking lady, very glamorous and beautiful. A homeopath by trade, she travelled to the Far East and settled in Hong Kong for sometime while perfecting her skills - she often talked about her wonderful house out there. However, she soon discovered her first love was in fact, skincare and over the ensuing years, her focus shifted solely to skincare.

Eileen Malone went to see Madame Lubatti as a client; Madame took one look at Eileen Malone’s hands and hired her on the spot and thus a piece of history was made. Eileen worked directly with Madame Lubatti and trained under her guidance until Madame sadly passed away in the early 1970s.

Madame Lubatti not only developed and hand-mixed creams and lotions for her clients, but used these creams during her facial massage treatments, an art that was passed down to Eileen Malone and then to Tracey Malone. Madame Lubatti’s legacy now lives on through the new Lubatti Collection. Using the exclusive and secret recipes inspired and developed by Madame Lubatti, the Collection is a true representation of the original products, and a celebration of Madame Lubatti and everything she stood for.

Eileen Malone is the mother of Jo Malone and sister Tracey Malone. As most people know Jo Malone is an established brand with some amazing products. However the launch of Lubatti is an exciting because the products are so beautiful. This is a snippet of what Tracey Malone has to say.


Me and Lubatti

There is a selection of face and body products, I got to chose two items for free :).. I was so excited! After testing them all and being briefed on their ingredients, I chose the Honey and Almond day moisturiser. I really liked this product when I tested it because I could feel how it refreshed my skin and left it feeling really hydrated. The smell is divine and not too overpowering which is important for a face cream I think the price of this cream is really reasonable, especially for the texture and finish of this day cream; For 50ml its priced at around £30. The reason I chose the honey almond is because it works best for dry and dehydrated skin and I feel that as the weather gets colder my face is becoming dryer, this is described as the perfect 'Pick me up!' and I can't wait to see if it does! This cream also provides a great base for makeup. The packaging (box) is gorgeous as you open if there is such lovely art work inside the box, I don't think I will be able to throw this packaging away.. its too pretty!




The other day cream that Lubatti do is and Orange and Jojoba oil daily moisturiser, this smelt AMAZING, I would have got it if it was more specifically for dryer skin. It is a lighter moisturiser but is still extremley refreshing and nourishing. This product is well suited to all skin types.

The second item I chose was the Lubatti sparkling eye gel, this is their best seller and OMG. It was wonderful. I applied it half way through the day on makeup just to get an idea and wow, it really lifted my face and my eyes felt less tired. It is infused with the powerful antioxidant green tea extract and Aloe Vera so really nourishes and brightens the area surrounding the eyes. I am definetley going to try this and get back to you guys with results. This eye gel is around £28 for a 15ml.




From what I tested the products are lovely, the texture of the creams is smooth and they all leave the skin feeling hydrated. Other items I liked from the range was the vitamin E hand cream. This smelt beautiful and contains calendula which reduces redness and dryness in areas on the hands such as the knuckles. I put it on and instantly felt the difference by the time I finished work my hands still look moisturised and felt softer, despite being out in the cold. The hand cream is really modestly priced at £16 for what it does I would have expected it to be dearer.

Here are a few of the pics from the catalogue! (PS.. sorry for the pooor quality of pics I am using my macbook's Photobooth as I am still without a camera lead I actually hate posting ugly/bad quality pic :'( *cries*)




So guys there you have it a little bit into the story of Lubatti.. watch out I have a feeling this brand is going to make it big! The products are currently based ONLY in Space NK stores. You can however purchase through their website or alternatley through space NK's website. If you pass by a Space NK, go in and have a test.. I would love to know what you guys think because right now I'm pretty impressed :)..

Lots of Love guys
Cyber kisses


  1. Im sure it will do well..esp as its the present shopping time of year. But i guess only time will tell. Problem with Space NK is there is SOOO much skincare to chose from that people always go for brand names they are familiar with!

  2. err ur post so wanna make me buy Honey and Almond day moisturiser.. how do i resist? lovely post zara.xx

  3. @ Tali

    Yeh I hope it does well it deserves to, I agree tho there is so much choice at Space NK and brand likes Lubatti might not necessarily stand out. For people who are looking to try a new cream I would recommend this brand just because I really like them!

    @ Makeupdivaa

    It smells amazing and feels wonderful! You shouldn't resist :).. xx


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