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Lovejoy - NARS


My discount card came this week and well this was my first purchase I made with it! Nars, Lovejoy blusher. I am not a big fan of Nars blusher, well I haven't been. The reason being because I don't like too much sparkle because I think too much of it leaves me looking ashy! ANYHOO.. I am back on the sparkle.. I mean its xmas and now that I am staring at NARS everyday I want ALL OF IT! I could have bought about 6 blushers at one go.. Orgasm, Super Orgasm, Deep Throat, Taj Mahal, Taos, Lovejoy.. (to name a few) However.. I thought I would space out my purchases a little haha! I settled for Lovejoy and I cannot wait to use it. It's a really warm shimmery rosed bronze.. I know that sounds like a mess of words but in reality its gorgeous.. I promise as soon as my camera lead is with me I will take more pics using the products I talk about!



Whats your fave NARS blush? Do you like lots of shimmer? I go through phases!

Lots loveJOY


  1. Sin and all of them APART from Orgasm. Orgasm makes me look ill like I have a fever! Deep Throat works on me though as do all the cream ones! love my nars blush!!!

  2. I am loving Deep Throat at the moment, but for some reason I am leaning more towards the cream blushes. I want so many of them! I am slowly but surely going to build up my collection, next up, Cactus Flower! Yay!


  3. Thanks girlys for the recomendations.. as you both said deep throat that will be the next one! and I AM SOOOOO into cream blushers! I am loving my MAC posey and Illamasqua dixie! I need MOREEEEE!!!

  4. Love the look of that NARS blush, at the minute i only have Angelika which i absolutely love! But i really want deepthroat, orgasm & super orgasm!


  5. My fave is Nars Oasis! Its a gorgeous shimmery berry/dusky pink colour! Give it a go :)

  6. Yeh I like the look of oasis but havent tried it on me yet! will have to give it a go at work.. lol thats all i do.. apply blusher all day xxx

  7. My favourite is Outlaw, nice raspberry pink with gold shimmer! Not too much shimmer though, it's OK for daytime :)


  8. i know i'm missing the point but your nail colour is fab! :D
    i dunno don' like sparkle that much, shimmer i say i like more
    i really want orgasm too but i just dunno (:

    love ur blog


  9. @Melissa.. thanks will have to check that one out!

    @Blac about beauty.. Thanks the nail colour isnt true to the one u see in the pic its more fluroscent pink! I bought it in NYC so I dont use it often lol.. I cant find it online :(.. Think orgasm will have to be my next purchase!
    Thanks for stopping by :) x


  10. thanks so much hun, following you too =]



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