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I call it 'Twizzled'


I am sitting here watching X factor and checking out cheryls new do! So she finally ditched the extensions, I prefered her long lengthy looks.. altho she is rocking it. I don't think I would ever have permananet extensions again because I didnt like not being able to put my hands through my own hair.. Know it sounds silly.. but true! I like how shes sporting this twizzled look similar to Posh's new do.

I think posh looks FIERCE in this pic.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Loub's..

anyways this was a random post.. but just because I wanted to know what you thought of cheryls new hair seeing how popular her old one was! She's still gorgeous no doubt..! Will have to try this twizzled look..! :) I have two more posts I want to do before I go to I have been lazy all day!


  1. She had to cut it she got so much critisism for the extensions conseidering she was the face of a shampoo brand lol
    That being said i love the look.. wish i had the courage to do it. Maybe in the new year!?

  2. I do prefer her hair with her extensions in if im honest! But like Tali said she did get critised a lot over her extensions when she was advertising the loreal shampoo!
    I also love posh's hair like that - really suits her! :)

  3. YEH.. i think the criticisms were fair.. as its very misleading.. I never believe those adverts anyway.. I think true good products don't need to rely on all that marketing! But I'm glad she acted on it..!

    And babe your hair is gorge.. I wish mine was that long!!! You always want what you don't have tho lol! :) x

  4. I have to agree about posh, she looks amazing in this picture, and healthy, I think it's one of the first pictures i've seen of her in ages where the first thing i've though is 'woah' rather than 'oh my god'.

    Love the jean and shoes, she is certainly workin it!


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