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I know this is a super late post and most people have already changed the subject.. but I have been so out of it lately! The only reason why u guys are getting this blogpost today and not on the weekend is because I am home sick! Since Xmas day it has been non stop, boxing day, engagement, bank holiday etc.. My body just hasn't handled it very well and I have been home in bed with the flu for the last 2 days. I am feeling perkier today.. as for yesterday I remember waking up once.. and that was to eat take more medicine and go back to sleep.

Anyhoo! How was everyones xmas? did you guys eat lots and have lots of fun? I don't really celebrate christmas from the religious aspect of the festive season, but I have celebrated christmas as the time of year where I am with family eating a roast dinner and exchanging gifts. This year was more lowkey and was me my mum, my dad my brother and my fiance. We watched xmas tv and exchanged gifts then had a yummy roast! We tend to buy lots of little bits on christmas so I am going to show you some of my favouirtes.

my brother got me this amazing book on Vivienne Westwood's fashion through the years. I am a huge Westwood fan and I love receiving books because I very rarely buy myself books! I thought it was really sweet that he had bought me a Vivienne Westwood handkerchief to accompany the book! My brother is the total opposite of me.. While I admit that I love all things superficial he loves wandering through the mysteries of London's finest charity shops. Its odd because we get on so well despite being very different he is so intelligent it scares me, (I'm meant to be the older more wise one, but often find myself taking his advice!)


My mum and dad got me lots of little bits for my room, for me.. but the most amazing gift they got me was, again ANOTHER book! It is the book by Illamasqua's Alex Box, I fell in love with this when the MUA from Illamasqua showed me this at the counter. The imagery and make up artistry is so powerful it's amazing! This book deserves its own post but thought I would put up a few pics for those who haven't had a chance to look at this book. It is such a beautiful book to look at and advise you guys to have a look!!!





I've left this present till last to talk about and that partly because I am still in shock that I have these. My fiance..because thats what he is now! never fails to amaze me.. and I can't believe I opened these on christmas day! For those who follow me on twitter will know what I am already talking about.. for those that don't I am going to let the pictures do the talking..


Meet my 'TITI 120's'





How was everyones xmas? Did Santa bring you what you wanted?!



  1. God those shoes are sexy. The heel is a stunner.. my nudes are more boring. I much prefer these the heel is so sexy with that curvy bit!!!!

    Great books.. love Vivian Westwood! Hope your feeling better today darling.. rest.. put your feet up! Enough stree for you!

  2. I know the heel is super hot.. I love the way it curves like a piece of art! omg ur Privee are AMAZING!!!! I am going to ur page now to compare lol!

    I am feeling much better thanks love.. ill on NYES! great.. haha warm food and cuddles! u decided what ur doing my lovely x

  3. Your presents are gorgeous! I wanted to get the nudes but they looked dodgy against my skin tone so I left them but the man did get me some red soled beauties, the circus boots. They are lovely and I've been strutting around in them since Xmas day.

    Congrats on your engagement, I saw your ring and it's gorgeous :)


  4. Goddd those louboutins are SEXYYY! I'm sooo jealouss! they are gorgeousss! :)

    Check out my blog!

  5. Thanks guys.. those shoes were perfection.. I exchanged them for a different style..because I found these impossible to wear!! they were so steep!! The ones I changed them for are just as hott! hehe :) xx

  6. Ok babe how scary that this post is like.. almost a year ago..eep!!! :s


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