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A little while back I made my first blushcreme purchases and bought MAC's 'Posey' and Illamasqua 'Dixie', at first I was unsure as to how I would get on with them, I have to say I really enjoy using creme blushers.. I love the glowy look they give me and the good pay off! So as I was wondering in MAC as you do, I decided NOT to buy any lippys as I have 3 unused still in the naughty! Firstly I hate the MAC in Westfield, actually have to queue to get in.. seriously its ridiculous! I mean hello pro card holder! Anyways despite the drama I felt I had to pick up a few bits!


The blushcreme I chose, yes I managed to limit myself to one was 'Ladyblush' Although the colour appears to be very similar to Posey, Ladyblush is more pink and well when I like something I tend to buy all colours similar! So hey ho.. this will be getting a lot of love from me :)! By the way in the pics.. On my posey blush thats not shimmer/glitter lol although it looks that way its the marks from my stippling brush! Ladyblush is so pretty!




I also finally bought the 224 blending brush, this brush is awesome but almost reminds me of a flufffy paintbrush haha! I have seen some makeup gurus use this brush for concealer and it buffs in really well, so I think I might attempt to use it like that. Its like how at first I was unsure about using my 109 for foundation but NOW I swear by it and I am sure it will be the same for the 224. I like the way fluffier brushes really blend in foundation and concealer and therefore it appears to be less cakey. What do you guys find?

The last thing I picked up which doesn't really deserve a mention, but just because of its greatness it does.. was Duo glue.. I haven't worn lashes in a while and this may be why.. my dark duo had dried up as I lost the lid :( boo.. But now I have duo back in my life! :) Hallelujah

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  1. Ive never tried a creme blush but the colours always seem so pretty especially the MAC and illamasqua ones so i think im going to invest in one!
    I also want the 224 brush for concealer but its sold out online :( cant wait to get to a counter!


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