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Me and my other half.. have random days were we do random things.. lol.. for example yesterday, as we were both leaving for work we decided that we had to buy something for one another that was no more that £15. I like silly things like this just to see how imaginative we can be.. and well on this ocassion it appears that we both lack in creativity and will power! haha..

What I bought him


This shouldn't have been included and well it was something I needed to buy him.. I bought him a band ring from Tiffanys. If only items in there were £15 hey.. ;). The band I chose was a woven sterling silver ring. The reason I chose it was partly because I was being lazy and desperately needed to find him something before the 27th and partly because I really liked it. Now I was told by the sales assistant that the wider ring was for men and well the one I had selected was more for women but sometimes purchased for men. This didn't put me off because well when you like something.. you like it! I had bought my beau a ring from tiffanys a few years ago which I got engraved and he lost! I didn't want to chose another boring, plain band and well I wasn't ready to part with thousands because lets face it, guys don't tend to have engagement rings!? It also made me well aware as to how little choice there is within mens jewellry. Anyhoo, here is the ring. I was really happy when he said he loved it cuz trust me he's a fussy one! lol.. well not really fussy but more particular in his likes. It looks really lovely on his hand.


What he bought me


WOW I have been buying from MAC for years and never recieved a special edition gift bag like this, I love it! Its so pretty :) He also went over budget! I have not bought anything from the holiday collections this year because I feel they are becoming slighlty repetitive. Saying that for the last four years I have always had at least one of the eyeshadow palettes and well my hubby got me the 'Devil may dare, warm eye shaddow collection! I loveeee the selection of colours in this palette, they are quite earthy so you have a great choice from greens to golds to browns to plums. These are the colours I tend to wear on a daily basis so I cannot wait to put them to good use! I am glad that my fiance is quite attentive and knows what I like in most things, especially make up, he therefore made some good choices :)



Another great choice he selected was a really bright red/fuscia colour lipstick from the holiday collection called 'Utter Fun' and seriously what a great name to describe this lippy because that is what it screams out to me.. Its a lustre so has more of a sheer tone with a slight shimmer. Its such a christmasy colour and I have to say the festive season has seen me rocking my reds. The last thing he got me, but I am taking back is one of the seasonal brush sets, I could have kept it but it seemed pointless because I have all the brushes in the seasonal sets from last year!


To be honest I didn't think we were seriously going to buy each other something so these goodies were a real suprise to me, as was his ring to him. Do you guys and your boyfriends/friends do things like this? I remember growing up my cousin used to take me and my bro out all the time to shopping centres, giving us a certain amount of money to spend.. we loved it, it was like xmas had come early lol!

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