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Haha.. I'm watching the twilight red carpet hence the title for this post! but in reality im torn I think at heart its edward! but damn JACOB! looking hott! I haven't seen 'New Moon' yet but will try this weekend!

Anyways moving on to another type of Jacob.. Mr Marc Jacob..
My bf bought me this watch necklace I really wanted for my birthday! how cute is it.. I got spoilt this year..but this was my fave! so kawaii!


whilst we were shopping around in Paris I came across this tea pot! how adorable.. I am a total tea drinker so this is ideal for me n the bf to have our evening cuppa! I love all things eiffel tower! everytime when I'm in Paris my other half always asks me what I want to do and my answer is always the same.. 'Can we go to the Eiffel Tower?' lol and he gets so annoyed as hes a Parisien that sort of thing is touristy and boring! I have been to Paris over 20 times.. but I always want to go there it's so beautiful!



  1. aww nice necklace!!!
    hope its not too late to wish u a very happy bday :)

  2. Awww thanks hun.. and its never too late i try to drag out the birthday for as long as possible haha! November is my month ;) lol xxx

  3. aw i love everything especially the tea pot set soooo cute!!x
    ps happy late birthday!x

  4. thanks hun!! the teapot is so cute ive used it once.. but to be honest the cups are sooo small and the amount of tea i drink lol! seems a bit silly! hehe x

  5. I think I am actually in love with both the necklace and the tea pot! Me want! Ive asked my bf for the white bow marc jacobs watch necklace :) xxx

  6. @ThoseThreeWords

    The White bow one is soooooo cute! I havent seen it here in London but saw it when I was in Paris!!! its so pretty! I always forget that I'm wearing a watch on my wrist so its handy to have a necklace that reminds me what the time is lol! Cant wait to see ur bow one.. is that gona be your xmas present!? xxx


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