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While I'm sitting here not doing much I'm trying to push out all my overdue blog posts! SOO last week when I got back from Paris I was obviously a little upset because I was hoping to share loads of make up purchases and well came back with very little! BY chance my foundation had run out.. and when it gets to that stage I have to RUSSH to MAC to stock up!


So I picked up my usual studio fix in NC44 for anyone who was interested lol! I also picked up a new concealer I usually use the studio finish one but lately haven't been loving the texture as much. So the MUA who was new recomended, studio sculpt concealer and although she was a bit slow and didn't give me good reasoning or even test the product against my skin tone.. I thought let me bear with her. I am glad I did so.. I have used this now for the last week now and the coverage is very good similarly to the studio finish concealer. However, the texture is much creamier and it goes on really smooth. It also makes it easier to blend it in wether you use a brush or your fingers. I definitely rate this concealer and think anyone who hasn't tried it should do. Its very moisturising providing a full coverage and long lasting finish.

No MAC visit is complete without a new lipstick and so the one I got was SISS.. I wasn't excited about this lipstick but had previously tested it out from a friend. It's one of those colours you need but when you look at it, it's very standard. I have gone to buy it many times but always chose something else. Its a brown/neutral colour.. when you put it on (well my skin tone) its that sort of dead look. It's described on the MAC site as a muted golden beige. I will be sure to put some pics up so you guys can get the idea!

The last product I got from MAC was posey blush creme and this is my first ever blush creme, the reason I haven't purchased them before is because I wasn't sure about the consistency. I am still unsure. This blush is rosey pink and from what I can see gives you a dewy glowy cheek. Although I think the dewy look is more a summer thing I am still looking forward to rocking it.


So after getting MAC'D out I walked towards Selfridges and got chatting to this really lovely mua at Illamasqua.. Obviously this meant I had to have something and I know I'm really late but these were my first purchases from Illamasqua. So for someone who isn't too sure about blush cremes I bought another and without even checking the colour IS SOOOOOO similar to the MAC one lol. I do think that the consistency of the Illamasqua one is a lot lighter and goes on to the skin much sheerer the colour is called 'Dixie'. It does give you that ultimate hollywood glow, whereas the MAC ones are more pigmented. I also got the liquid metal in the gold 'Solstice' I wanted to get both but was good. The reason I chose the gold is because I usually wear more gold and brown tone eye makeup because I think it's what works best for my skin tone. All of the colours are gorgeous and it goes on so smoothly. It can be quite bold or you can blend it in and it ends up looking a little more subtle. I love this product and think that it's the perfect time of year to be wearing all of these glitzy colours.. its so christmassy!



  1. Great haul! Im always on the lookout for a new concealer so I might give the studio sculpt a go! Let us know hoe the liquid gold wears, I have been lusting over it for quite a while but im always afraid of it creasing :(


  2. You know what nikki.. I am not so into experimenting with foundation/concealer.. Once I find something that suits I stick with it.. so I was really happy for the studio sculpt.. because it works much better I think I need to be a bit more open minded :P

    As for the gold metal.. I had a bit of a hard time with it.. when I swatched it at the counter i fell in love.. as soon as I put it on for an evening out, I was sure it would crease. It held out a little while but mainly because i kept blending it in with my fingers. It goes on smoothly but personally began to feel a bit moist on my eyelids. It could just be my skin but I'm not too sure. I always like to use a base with eye make up and I usually use a Mac paintpot but it didn't work with this! I will give it another go and hope maybe last time ended up like that because I was rushing! I will put it on and post some pics of it before and during a day.. Hope you are well.. not long to go now :)


  3. I just ordered the liquid metals in Solstice and Enrapture! :D I was thinking if they feel a bit moist the best thing would be to use a powder for the crease maybe? Ill have to see if that will actually work though, im hoping it wont be hard to blend the two together!

    I have never tried the paintpots though for a base, I always use the too faced shadow insurance, it seems to work pretty well even with the mineral eyeshadows I have!

    Im great thank you! uncomfortable but cant wait to attempt to be a yummy mummy! :p



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