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I first smelt LOLA a while back when it first came out.. I fell in love with it straight away! I am not much of a perfume addict I mean I have my signature scents that I tend to always go back to.. these being all variations of 'Vera Wang - Princess' It's really weird because the original one reminds me sooo much of when I first met my other half, the sweet smell reminds me of those lovely memories visiting him and beautiful Paris. Anyways enough about Princess back to LOLA.. so YES! I fell in LOVE with to the extent everytime I was in a department store I'd rush to it and shower myself in it! I really wanted to buy it but would rather spend £60 on make up haha! I tend to buy scents in duty free because I travel a lot so makes sense to wait and save! So as you know I spent my birthday in Paris and my bfs mum bought it for me! I was honestly sooo excited.. I did feel bad because in Paris its WAYYYYYY more.. we had gone to sephora before my birthday and for the 100ml it was around 89 Euros! Which works out to about £80 if not more! Its crazy how much more things are there!

The packaging is amaazzzinngg I love the look of this and think it looks perfect on a dressing table! The smell is sweet and really flowery if you know what I mean, if you haven't smelt this yet its definetley a must! its gorgeous.. I love it..So get it on your christmas lists girls!

What are your new/old favourite scents? Do they remind you of specific places/people etc.. ??


Zara xx


  1. I really need to smell this! so many people are loving it right now! my favourite has to be rock n rose from valentino, I love the smell of roses :)


  2. I haven't smelt that one.. Think I need to.. I'm not THAT into perfume so pretty clueless to be honest.. I love the smell of roses and all things flowery too! x


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