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So one of the recent lippys I got was MAC's Impassioned. I love looking at this colour and had picked it up many times, but always put it back down! It's sort of similar to MAC's 'Girl about town' and well I wore it for the first time on my bday in Paris.

I love a BOLD lip!!


what do you think!?

P.S. The nails are 'Mod about you' by OPI, can't get enough of this colour!


  1. omg love this lipstick i gotta cop one next in da us!! and i would like to know how do u place ur name on ur pictures so no one could steal them ? i wanna do the same but i dont know how can u email me and explain it to me please when evr u got time thx ma'

  2. Hot pic.. you look amazing! and i love the nails!

  3. @ Tali - Thank you babe! I can't stop wearing my nails this colour! I love it..Its such a gorgeous milky lilac/pink colour!


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