Saturday, 28 November 2009

I <3 your BLOG..

Hey guys.. It has been a great week for me and this blog.. not only do I now have people following.. I have also been nominated for the I (heart) your blog award. I am so seriously touched.. and just want to thank Nikki so much, you are such a sweetheart and going to be such a yummy mummy!

Well enough talking here are my current 15 favourite bloggers

(In no order)

1. Sahra

2. Laura

3. Nikki

4. Zoe

5. Tali

6. Su-Pah

7. Suzi

8. Kerry

9. Bubblegarm


11.Vex in the city

12. Jade



15.Pixiwoo (Sam and Nic)


  1. hey chick thanks for the award & no8 is my fav lucky number how did you know lol xoxoxo

  2. Woweee.. what a coincidence lol ;) xxx

  3. hey ma thx love ur blog too thx for the nomination!! im following u now as well!! kiss

  4. Thanks babe... I check your blog everrrryyy day! I LOVE LOVE LOVE you and your style :) x

  5. i really like all your photography on your blog!

  6. Thanks mochi.. im no pro just love taking pics! Hope u will come back n say hey xx

  7. Thank you! Love the look of your blog! Keep up the good work!

  8. Thanks a lot babe means a lot coming from you! love your blog and your YT channel.. hope everything was ok on your Istanbull trip xx

  9. zank you vary mach yang leydee! :D

  10. No worries guys.. thanks for some great reading ;) xx


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