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Hint Of Pink


I bought this gorgeous nail varnish from Barry M. I am really into milky nails right now and I am always popping into superdrug and boots.. But I have NEVER seen this colour before. The Barry M counter in Topshop, oxford circus is great.. they have loadddss of colours that don't ever seem to ever make it into the other stores. This one is called 'Hint of Pink' (Number 100) It looks like a creamy beige colour, what is nice about it is that it isn't as bright as having white nails. I tried this on really quickly the other day, It is quite sheer so you need about 3 coats for it to start looking true to colour. I will have to give it a proper go and let you know if it is worth it! They also had a creamy lilac one I had seen a few weeks ago but were sold out when I bought this one.


  1. Ohh gorgeous! :) I am loving milky nails at the moment too but I have no nails to paint at the moment!haha


  2. lol.. aww! I just read your bump post, your going to have such a lovely xmas.. :))) with you new addition.. how exciting!! baby really looks like he/she is ready to come out n play now!! :)


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